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i don't get on gaia much except to check mail... and sometimes to rape the forums when i'm bored.

i also s**t glitter

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Spirit of Enyo Report | 08/28/2011 7:48 am
Spirit of Enyo
Om nom nom
l Have Given Up Report | 07/03/2010 6:28 am
l Have Given Up
Oh my G.
Long time no talk :3
It's Oni : O
cynthia3314 Report | 01/20/2010 12:18 am
Hi! how are you? what have you been doing?
no x3 Report | 01/09/2010 11:21 pm
no x3
...and I s**t skittles.
DeViL_KiLLz Report | 08/30/2009 5:31 pm
your pretty fukking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Split Skin Report | 08/30/2009 7:17 am
Split Skin
"wear a shirt that says "Hi Mum, I'm Gay"
or make her a box of cupcakes, and write "i'm Gay!" in frosting on the cupcakes
or both, while playing "I'm Coming Out" by Diana Ross "

I seriously cried laughing after reading this :')
Wife of the Abdicated Report | 07/11/2009 10:23 am
Wife of the Abdicated
...Everyone always says that. I wasn't allowed to write on my walls either, until, well, I did.
You see, I wanted to repaint my room, but it had JUST gotten repainted (like, it was a couple months old.)
It was a win win situation for me. I either write on my walls and be happy that way, or my parents make me repaint OVER my writing, and I'm happy that way.

Just gotta know how to work people biggrin
Wife of the Abdicated Report | 07/11/2009 9:17 am
Wife of the Abdicated
Speaking of sunscreen and walls!
Do you know Baz Luhrman's Wear Sunscreen speech?

That's written on there too 4laugh
Spirit of Enyo Report | 06/08/2009 10:24 pm
Spirit of Enyo
*leaves you some candy*
c a n d y w o l f Report | 04/26/2009 7:39 pm
c a n d y w o l f
lol, yes i'm very sneaky, Thank you! xD