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Hello there.

I'm pleased to make your aquaintance.

What should you know about me? Well I enjoy studying the history, and myth of the Isles in my spare time. I flip for anything Arthurian.

I love a good role play, so anytime just let me know.

Fair warning I'm quite rigid in my views, and will not budge on them, but I try my best to be nice, civil, and will not be upset if I'm corrected.


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Kiyri Report | 10/15/2019 7:17 am
ninja Nice Penguin!
larrystew Report | 10/13/2018 7:55 am
LOL your reply gave me an idea! Maybe Bumi is in the same family as weed and therefore you can smoke it? Smoking Bumi will give you a temporary high and hallucinations LOL
Chris ex Machina Report | 08/15/2018 9:15 am
Chris ex Machina
Now only if I had the focus and mindset to write it lol.
I have a relatively low attention span for things other than video games, card games, reading, and researching mythology.
Chris ex Machina Report | 08/15/2018 6:28 am
Chris ex Machina
Reference, but with plenty of my humor and a story or two from legend mentioning each creature.
Essays are the worst in general. Not just because of me sharing the problems you have lol.
Chris ex Machina Report | 08/14/2018 5:21 pm
Chris ex Machina
Celtic's another one I need to learn more about. I know basics, like some groupings of gods and creatures, but that's about it.
I'm a bestiary, basically. That's my specialty I believe. I know a ridiculous amount of facts about various mythical creatures, and it makes me wish I had the patience to write because I would make an actual bestiary lol.
Chris ex Machina Report | 08/14/2018 4:39 pm
Chris ex Machina
Wow I had to... actually search up Angraboda lol. Norse mythology is one of those I don't know as well, followed by Chinese mythology. I know a crazy amount about Greek, Roman, and Egyptian due to those being all I learned through school, everything else was on my own time.
Chris ex Machina Report | 08/14/2018 4:26 pm
Chris ex Machina
An ego fitting for someone who thought he could outsmart the Buddha lol.
Have you designed any other mythology-based avis? I assume you're a mythology fan as well lol.
I have a series of Protogenos/Greek Primordial Gods in modern time, with Chronos, Nyx, and Thanatos so far.
Chris ex Machina Report | 08/14/2018 4:10 pm
Chris ex Machina
Yooooo emotion_brofist
I'm glad someone else watches them, lol. And that's exactly what I thought when I made my avi. Of course... my version has a massive amount of self-doubt hidden behind his bravado. Because I like characters like that, one of my weaknesses along with shy, stuttering guys.
Chris ex Machina Report | 08/14/2018 3:58 pm
Chris ex Machina
You mentioning Yulong reminds me of a reoccurring joke in a Journey to the West summary I love.
That why on Earth doesn't he just turn from his horse into his dragon form to fly Sanzang over all of the obstacles lol.
I'd recommend it, its pretty funny and influenced my interpretation of Wukong. "Journey to the West" by Overly Sarcastic Productions. Its a five part series that I wish had more than 5 episodes.
Chris ex Machina Report | 08/14/2018 3:29 pm
Chris ex Machina
Lol, go us!
I've been planning a Zhu Bajie (Pigsy) avi and a Sha Wujing (Sandy) avi as well, but its hard to pin them down. Maybe I'll try Tang Sanzang, the monk as well.

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