Hi I'm TM!!
I'm complete magi trash

ⓍMost of the time i'm pretty shy, so if I take a while to reply don't think I hate you or anything. You guys are all p cool and I'm just a awkward punk.Ⓧ

Ⓧ10/25/18:Returned to Gaia??Ⓧ

Here is my attempt at one of these!

About me:
♥Joined gaia in Feb of '08.
♥I'm over 21
♥Sometimes enter cosplay Arenas(Use to. Probably not anytime soon. Are they still a thing??)
♥I speak Spanish, but my typing isn't very good.
♥Collect figures and merch (This is hell. My wallet screams)
♥I sketch in my spare time
♥Enjoy cosplaying from things I like whether video games, comics, and so on.
♥I have trust issues so please don't betray my trust.
♥Making friends is fun, but hard sometimes due to my shyness
♥I do donate, but if you beg me I will NOT give you anything. I donate gold to people in the charity/chatterbox forums or sometimes at random.
♥I ship many things
♥I enjoy taking screenies with friends.
♥I may or may not have an obsession with the Kou brothers. Specially Kouha.
Began working on Angelic Quest Inizio on 5/12/14Probably won't continue
♥Crafted Gabriel's Wings on 5/13/14
♥Crafted Raphael's Wings on 5/14/14
♥Currently caught up to HnK & Orient manga, a bit behind on BnHA
♥♥♥♥♥Magi♥Orient♥Shaman King♥Pokemon♥Fire Emblem♥Love Live♥Houseki no Kuni♥Hypnosis Mic♥Kingdom Hearts♥Persona 5♥Boku no Hero Academia♥♥♥♥♥

♥LLSID ID:262824843
♥Granblue Fantasy ID :19270257 (very inactive rn)

Cosplays done on Gaia:
♣Kouha Ren(Magi)
♣Hakuei Ren(Magi)[Djinn Equip]
♣Hakuryuu Ren(Magi)
♣Lenalee Lee(D.Gray-man)
♣Uraltugo Noi Nueph(Magi)
♣Tweedle Dee(Alice in the Country of Hearts)
♣Rin Kagamine(Vocaloid)
♣Tia(Zatch[or Gash] Bell)
♣Titus(Magi)[New Magi]
♣Lady Scheherazade(Magi)
♣Koumei Ren(Magi)
♣Lavi(D.Gray-man)[3rd uniform]
♣Most Homestuck beta/alpha trolls/humans
♣Touya/Black(Pokemon)[Reg, Black Adventures PSwG parody]
++++++Many more I'm too lazy to name at this time;;;

♣Kougyoku(1st outfit)
♣Kougyoku(Final outfit)
♣Kougyoku(Bride from mobile game)
♣Sphintus Carmen
♣Lapis Lazuli(Houseki no Kuni)
♣Ochako Uraraka
♣Marinette Dupain-Cheng
♣Syaoran Li (2nd Movie Casual outfit)
♣Many homestuck ones that I'm too lazy to name
♣++ others that i just want to forget about LOL

Futue Cos:
♣Marinette Dupain-Cheng (CJ's victorian design)
♣Akechi Goro(Dancing all night)

Few extra things:
♦PMs sometimes get lost in my inbox, so if you don't hear from me within 2 days, feel free to PM again.
♦If you are on my profile to offer on a item I'm selling, use PMs only. Comments
will be deleted.
♦PMs sometimes overwhelm me. Comments>PMs when talking to me unless it's MP or commission business stuff and all TTuTT
♦Will add more eventually

♠Mean people/Backstabbers

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