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x-Abunai Report | 09/09/2016 10:44 pm
With that stuff, I'm pretty chill with. I see sex and gender as different things, but I think that's because I'm studying on becoming an anthropologist. Sex is determined by the genitalia that you have/born with, while gender is more of a social constructed thing. Like I'm down with the whole, I was born a dude but I feel like I'm a girl and do things in manner that society has deemed to coninside with being of the female gender. I think I more or less have a problem with the gender queer movement? Like the people who are "Oh I'm a girl today but tomorrow I'm a boy." or the people who make up their own pronouns or get entirely offended when someone uses the incorrect pronouns. As for sexuality, I'm like eh. I'm sexually attracted to anyone who I find physically attractive? Call it bi, pan, w/e. Doesn't matter what's between the legs tbh. And nah, I'm not easily offended, it's all part of the job of trying to understand and rationalize the way people think and all that science biz.

I tell bad jokes, but honestly I think it's because I'm really just not that funny as I think I am in my head. LOL. Oh man, don't get me started when I'm home alone I'm so mean to myself, I say really ******** up s**t lmao. Even around my room, there's little notes I leave to myself and they all kinda start with "Roxy you dumb ******** b***h..."

captcha: Computer Charger.

These aren't even creative anymore.

x-Abunai Report | 09/09/2016 10:10 pm
I think I'm the obnoxious nerdy one, all the time. "BWAAA HOLY ******** DID YOU KNOW THAT PINEAPPLES TRY TO EAT YOU WHEN YOU TRY TO EAT IT!" <- me all the time. Yeah, I agree everyone is kinda this huge mess, but there's definitely something very poetic about it. I honestly just step back and let sjw do their thing. I think I'd get called out on the whole gender thing tho.

D'awwww. That's pretty cute tbh. Shy boys are the best boys. (wait you're a boy right? lol) At least you don't tell bad jokes like I do when I'm nervous. Last time I got nervous in front of a girl I said "c** guzzler." of course not directed to her, but um... I don't think girls like hearing it.

You get the cool captchas. Mine are random s**t in my room such as "Ceiling Fan"
x-Abunai Report | 09/09/2016 8:35 pm
Like I said I tend to talk about really raunchy things and make a lot of d**k jokes... which probably wouldn't be associated with guys per say, but probably more associated with people with a juvenile sense of humor aka me. I'm not sure if I have a girl-ish approach to things? I mean I think I can do the whole "tee-hee, I'm cute notice how cute I'm being." but usually I'm the whole "BWAAAAAAA, HOLY ********." Same, dad wasn't in the picture and most of my male influences in my life were super douchey.
Also sjw are Social Justice Warriors.

Were you stuttering all over the place?! Gaah, how cute haha.
x-Abunai Report | 09/09/2016 1:04 am
I'm the exact opposite, how do you even talk to girls???? I think I just made girls really, really, really, uncomfortable tbh. All my friends are guys, except for my best friend but even she's considered "one of the guys."
Ah, I'm a girl I guess. If you want to see me as a dude I'm cool with that too. Damn, now I sound like one of those sjws.

Marine life? Did you learn anything interesting???
She does sound really cute.
Hnng, a boyfriend? :/ that sucks dude.

x-Abunai Report | 09/07/2016 1:49 am
Bahaha! I don't even know how to talk to girls? I get really intimated... That's why I only have guy friends, also because most guys I know are down for the dumbest s**t, and that always leads to some Grade A shenanigans. Also I don't drink often probably like a few times a year.. And I think I've only gotten drunk twice in my life.
That sounds like a looooong game of monopoly... How long did it go on for????? Because when monopoly goes on to long SPARKS FLY! Well at least when I play, but that's probably because I'm pretty obnoxious and scream when I get frustrated lmao.

How was she being adorable? YOU SHOULD HAVE TOLD HER, but like super quick and casual lol.
x-Abunai Report | 09/04/2016 9:21 pm
I HAD THE EEVEE PIECE AND I ONLY GOT IT BECAUSE I COMPLAINED! My friend George originally had it then he just gave it to me and he used Jigglypuff lmao. I was like "You get Jigglypuff because you're kawaii af."
I'm actually pretty good at monopoly. We didn't finish it... because we got too drunk. I touched everyone's n****e last night, I really should make some girl friends. Wait if you were playing the second gen... D-Did they have a cyndaquil piece? Q w Q
x-Abunai Report | 09/04/2016 7:48 pm
An extroverted introvert makes sense! A platypus huh...? So do you lay eggs too? <--Bad joke bad joke.
Nah, I get you. My family is pretty bad in itself. I stopped living with my parents when I was 15, then I briefly moved back in with them two years ago. I had forgotten how toxic it was to be around them. I'm so much better without them, now I'm kinda in a place where I'm actually content with myself. Which is saying a lot from the awful place I was at in my teens.
Ah, I see... I've always wanted a family too, but I'm not exactly at the right time in my life to be even thinking about it. I'm only 22 and still in school. You know what? I really do hope you find someone and make a cute little happy family.

Totally off topic, but did you know they made Pokemon monopoly? I played last night lol
x-Abunai Report | 09/02/2016 11:09 pm
I get you, I also have depression and I guess moderate social anxiety, which surprises a lot of people but that's probably because social anxiety is often associated with introverts, but I just so happen to an extrovert. Just... an extrovert that shakes/shivers/cries when talking to people (It's super dumb I know). Everything just seems kinda bland after high school, I'm not sure if it's the lack luster in video games nowadays, or just.. idk? Ah, I understand what you mean. I really love kids and I want to have some, but with how I am right now I'm not even close to having that little happy family I kinda day dream about at 2AM.
What's a hodgepodge? I-I-Is it a hedgehog...? I think I'm more like a kitten/cat? I'm independent in my own rite, but I kinda like having the company even when just sitting there in silence I guess?

It's okay it's hard to remember everything... well for me anyways lol
x-Abunai Report | 09/02/2016 10:21 pm
I'm more or less the same. I've become so consumed with work and school, that hobbies have ceased to exist for me. But when the occassion arises, I do play video games, do weeb s**t, and just lay there in my bed for hours listening to music, staring at my ceiling because insomnia kicks in a lot. LOL. Do you enjoy baby sitting? I miss baby sitting my siblings sometimes because I liked watching really bad pre-school shows. But at the same time, I really enjoy not having a two year old running into my bedroom in the morning and petting my head.
Would you say you're more of a cat or a dog? I think I'm like a cat. cat_sweatdrop

I also need skills tbh. I honestly don't know how I even have my job.

x-Abunai Report | 08/31/2016 11:42 pm
Really? Well it's not like there's much to do on other social media sites either I guess... My conversations on gaia usually don't last long. But I think that's more my fault than anything else really.
If you're not engulfed with social media, what do you often do?


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