Why are you reading about me if you already know me?! And if you don't know me, then get off my profile, freak.. e.e mrgreen

musiccc!! ;D

II Beautiful Insanity II
Asian C0ndoms
-I- Black Flame -I-
Raindrop Silver
G E R lVl A N Y
Carmi of the 7th Order
fresh burgers
Burnt Condoms xB

my awesome smexii friend i rhape a lot and she enjoys it[= ily<3

the korean dude ^^

my bestie who made this account for me[= ily <3 ^^

my owner, im her cute wittle fwoggie ^^ xD

ate kiki ^^

my beloved jell-o buddy[=

my whore[=< ily you lil' pathetic whore. im your hoeseph and u know it. xDD

my vampire >=3

***NOTE*** thats a fail heart. lol.. and we are all different in our own ways. this is my way and my style. whats yours? =]

my food >.> D:

and obviously, me.. NOW GTFO ;D have a goood day!!