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Dead And Gone

Lol I MUST Have A Serious Problem XD

Hi, People Normally Just Call Me Jae Sung Or Just Jae lol I Prefer Whichever. I Warn You All Now Don't EVER Take What I Say Seriously. Half The Time I Dont Even Know What I'm Saying Myself So I Will Understand. People Call Me A Psycho Sadistic Monkey Lol I UnderStand That To. I Get Bored Very Easily To. I Had An Old Account But I Forgot It.
If You Can't Tell By My Name Im Korean But Im Part Japanese to. If My Dad Didn't Name Me Then.....(Guess What I Would Be Called)
I Guess You Could Say I Am Bi Polar I Changed Moods Alot. Music Helps Control Me Somewhat. Being Occupied Is What I Try To Do. I Actually Have No Problem with Killing Someone (Unless Necessary) On Top Of That I Do Act Cute And Girly (SOMETIMES) But Im Not Really Proud Of It ^^;. I Wanted To Become A Chef But My Mom Ish Asian So I Must Become Da Docta XD My Friends Call Me the Mother (Of Our Little Group) Dont Ask....I Find Watching Magic Tricks Fascinating And Even At Midnight If My Bro Or Sis Is Hungry And Sht Like That I Would Get up And Cook For Them.....and End Up Waking Everyone Up At like 1AM (Because Im That Awesome). I Dont Gain Weight.....AT ALL. I Stay In My room Alot And I Love Dogs A.L.O.T More With The Bigger Ones Than The Smaller Ones. I Have A Fetish For Black and White And Red (Yes Im Joking) My Fave Colors. I Think My Friend JayJoong (Jaejoong Yes I Call Him That) Is A 4 Dimensional Person To. I Prefer No Clouds In The Sky And Guess What? I Like Chicken *Insert Sarcasm*

I Used To Be A Baaaaaad Boy ROFL! I Used To Drink Alot But Now I Don't I Actually Hate Drinking Now Woot! Smoking Is A No! I Sound Like A Nerd Dont I? XD
Actually Im Not A Nerd Im Just Not Stupid Like You Are razz

I Often Get Addicted To Watching Stupid Movies And Playing Games. Is Why I Avoid TV And My Playstation Somewhat. I'm sorry If I Act Like A Smart a**- Prior To Being A Dumbass.

But Under All It Im A Really Good Friend Though No Matter Now Much I Freak People Out. I Will Tell You Now Im Not Interested In Dating So Use Common Sense And Don't Ask.

Im Kind Of A Health Freak So I Dont Eat TOO Much Junk. I work Out alot But .....Why Am I Telling This?

Anyways I Can Be So Asian Most Of the Time Lol I Love My Pocky. I Change Alot Varying Over the Seconds
So On It's Almost Like I Have A Split Personality.I'm Not A Depressed Emo Kid Some People Say I Look Like One Though. It Get On My Nerves How People Are Obsessed With Vampires These Days
And You Wonder Why?

So Far I Have Only Been Stating The Various Mental Disorders I Have XD jk!
I Hate When People Talk "lyk dis" Its So Annoying. Ghetto Typing Not My Thing -_- I Dont Like Illiterate People Or People Who Makes Typos On Purpose Because Its Not Easy To Read Or When They GoHoWrU? Im So ReTaRdEd *ugh! How Do You Take The Time To Do That?

I Make Typos To But Good Lord! Yeah I Can Be Mean. But I'm Nice.....Do I Have To Get Into Detail XD

*Random Fact
One Time, I Left A Bottle Of Coke In The Refridgerator. Then, At Midnight, It Exploded And My Friends....And Me Of Course Spent All Night Cleaning The Kitchen Up. I Never Really Did Admit It Was Me Until Last Year XD
Any Questions?


Hello My Dear Kill Me Gently
A Burned Body Doesn't Leave You
If You Wait That You Can't Save Me Have You At Least Seen Death

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Hybrid Truth

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To Fast To Live To Young To Die

My Main Man Jin! Lol "Can't Stop We Won't Stop!"

CL The One And Only Baddest Female! This Is My Main Lady CL! CL She's A Queen Having 2NE1 The Black Jacks Beat That Lol Saranghae

Always Getting Her Songs Stuck In My head >.< Ha! Tell Her Your Wish Saranghae Sang Jae

This Girl Is Probably The Most Fun Girl To Know. The Quirky Azn Dork~ I Find Her Avi Ironic As Well Red And Blue She Is Almost The Opposite Of Me Plus She Is Like Hybrid Asian But Looks White Lol Jk~

Isnt New To Gaia But She Sure Does Act Like It Lol. She Is Very Sensitive Yet Hilarious Especially Her Reactions To Random s**t I Don't Even Know! Her Avi Matches Her Personailty BUt I Think She Secretly Wants To Kill Me.....As Of Everyone Else. Good Friend And She Watches Over Me Like That Little Random Black Cat You See Pass By.