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Right now I'll just put on what i'm afraid of and why...
The Ocean- I almost drowned when I was little
Heights- I'm not really sure but I don't let this hold me back
Looking out Windows at dark- When I was little I had a stalker and I saw him once looking at me through a window at dark.
That's just my major things i'm afraid of another one is my boyfriend breaking up with me but I really don't have a reason for that one.
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<I'm done for today I'm gonna work on this piece by piece so there is more to come.
O.k I guess I'll do the things I love
-All my friends
-Evan User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
-BUBBLEWRAP!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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-ShoppingUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
-Ugly Betty
-GRAY'S ANATOMY!!!!(Candice got me hooked)
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I'll finish this up l8r
Ok lets go on
-Sweet Little Kids (Raina, Brenon, Leon, and Brandon)<-Hi Guys I'll seeya next time ur parents need me to babysit.
-Good Love Songs
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-Songs u can dance to
-Songs w/ good lyrics
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-Animals (Anyone who really know me know I love monkeys)
-Coffee (The drink and my dog)
-Comet (My fish)
-Dotty (My dalmation from when I was little)
-Fluffy (My fish from when I was little she died)
-Behind Enemy Lines (The movie)
-Mean Girls (Hilarious Movie but SO true)
-Smilies (They don't only smile anymore-some dance)
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-My brother Jacob
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To DANCE (I'm starting the Tango in March)
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MoRe LaTeR
I don't feel like finishing the things I like right now but I will tell you the meaning of my name on here 1banana4sos. I am one person so that's for the one. My friends call me banana
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Jazzy made it up for me I guess cause I like monkeys 4 explains it's self sos=some one special=Evan.User Image

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Things I don't understand:
-Why people say really mean things to people who havn't done anything to them.
-Why guys are so perverted sometimes
-How Jaz comes up with these nicknames
-Hmmm I guess sometimes my boyfriend
-Why my pastor, youth paster, and chairman of deacons have resined or are resigning (some words are probaly misspelled)
-How people aren't amazed (like I am) about nature.(I find it sooo beautiful)
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I don't like being called the following:
Liberal (How can you be something if you don't even know what it means?)
Bad words(I don't normaly curse)
Anerexic (totally not I LOVE food I just have a fast metabolism)
Mrs. Nelson (I haven't married him yet)
There's more coming I just haven't got the time

My Favorite:
Number-18 (I will be out of Virginia! Goin to Cali and then to Texas)
Drink: Fall-Winter: Hot Chocolate Spring-Summer: Lemonade
M&M-Green (I know weird but oh well)
Color-Hot Pink & Lime Green
Name Brand- Candie's (Vintage)
Saying- I believe nothing is imposible because I believe
Song- Like I can choose I like Chasing Cars, Jesus take the wheel, and one song I don't know the name of it but I really like it I think it's called stand in the rain but I'm not sure
Fruit- hmmmmmmmmmm Anything exotic
Vegitable- NONE EWWWWW
JuNk FoOd- All of it I'm still young and have a fast metabolism so who cares
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Health Food- Salads I also like Kagome (Mrs. Stilwell(well now Mrs. Rich) THX)
Subject: currently it's History I have an A!!! I told u I was smart.
T.V show: Gray's Anatomy Thursday nights at 9 on channel 13
Clothes: Vintage
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I'll do more l8r. Sending you guys X's and O's

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o.k what should I type next........
Things I.....find annoying
-repeated tickling of me (GIR)
-my brothers
-my stepdad
-my mom
-basically most of my family
-being shy (you don't meet as many people. I basically have a close nit circle of friends)
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
-my dog when she needs to pee
-people talking about people they don't know
-when people bump in to me at school
-People who tell me because I don't cook and clean I won't get a husbandUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
-when I don't know what I'm going
-when I don't understand my work so I get a headache
-getting headaches
-having pnemonia (still)
-when their is an argument at my house (ALL THE TIME)
-my house
-wow I have a lot of things that annoy me
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
-my stepdad reading my e-mails, IM's, and of course Gaia
-my mom has been really crabby lately
-being kinda stupid
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
-when my dogs on my bed and then I turn around and she's not there anymore it makes me feel crazy but I know I'm not
-when Evan's grounded (basically all the time)
-When Evan doesn't do well in school (it makes me feel guilty)
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
-When people judge me
I'm not done yet but my fingers are tired sooo BYE wink
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What's wrong with me....I keep things bottled up....and soon I'm gonna crack....Most people think I am happy.....that's sooooooo untrue

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Seriously do you ever get that feeling that your heart is breaking inside of you??? I get that all the time. At one point I got so disappointed I almost fainted and then I was held and it seemed to disappear......until I got home.

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Guess what my absolute favorite movie is???

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For me to know and for you to find out

Me and my school days. This is going to be for me and my friends to read! Oh and if I know you read this: If ur still not my friend *beating you with a stick* get on my friends list.



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December Fray

Report | 06/22/2007 6:48 pm

December Fray

hey bri...long time noooo see??? wasup girlie??? check u 8r! User Image much love!

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Hello? Anyone there?

Report | 03/04/2007 10:52 am


Luva my avi don't ya? Don't hate! lol Jus' kidding banana! rofl I luva ya vid. its roxs soxs! nee the news clothes worth a shiny penny aren't they? Man it suxs roxs. anywho how ya doing in WB? good I hope. Miss ya like peanut butter miss jam! :B
December Fray

Report | 03/03/2007 2:49 pm

December Fray

Hey pally...yeh the weather here is nice, but in the mornings itz freezin'... yeh wish u were here! T-T
actually i should be workin' on a paper for school...LOL rofl
luv ya

Report | 02/26/2007 3:25 pm


My question is how come u have urs???

Report | 02/25/2007 8:41 pm


Where ur clothes at girl? Oh well, just dont let really happen 2 u!!!

Report | 02/25/2007 2:12 pm


Hey Baby! What's up??? Hey Jay Bird!!! Every things good. Hows Cali?? I wish I was there I'm sure it's better than here. I miss you all!!!
December Fray

Report | 02/25/2007 12:27 pm

December Fray

how's it on that side of the country...miss you wit all my heart!!!

Report | 02/24/2007 5:49 pm


Hey Baby!!!


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