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Bunny Empress is a very weird person indeed. Yes, she is chinese. She's very lazy, always wishing that everything that she needs to do will just magically finish itself. Though, she enjoys helping other people as much as she wants her work to finish itself. An eye for an eye?
She has a never-ending collection of dream avatars, and is currently questing for this one:
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Autumn Glory - 10 426g
Emo Glasses - 1400g
Gold Kiseru - 600g
Jack's Bat Clip - 1771g
Midnight Gothic Bat Corset Dress - 25 920g
Midnight Gothic Bat Stockings - 13 740g
Nightwind Dragon Slippers - 2000g
Spider Web Witchling Hat - 11 100g
Vampire's Bat swarm - 1508g
Ubi Fan - 229g
HAIR - 4200g
Human A Potion - 100g

TOTAL = 53 360g/69 304g to go

Yes, she takes donations, and if she's happy enough she might draw you.

s2 - :
- Piano
- Music
- Drawing
- tektek-ing
- sleeping

s/2 - :
- MATH. She is very bad at math.
- rap
- waking up early
- Her japanese teacher.
- Not having enough money to buy all the manga on her wanted list.
- Bad spelling.

Bunny Empress is thinking about opening up an art shop. But she's so lazy and she doesn't really know how to shade. Some other inconveniences are:
- She can only draw girls
- Drawing on with a tablet takes forever
Therefore MIGHT take requests. But she's not sure. Anyone interested can PM her. It shouldn't be too expensive. Hopefully an item on her wanted list isn't too much to ask for.


Yes, it is the dream avi. s2


Bunny Empress

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Bunny Empress