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Bunni || 24 yrs || Your Rainy and Coral Princess
I graduated in animation! I love games and art!
Talk Pairings to me.

Friend Codes:
(Don't be shy to add if you want to game with me! If you don't mind a filthy casual lol)

Omyouji: Bunni (white Birb on my icon)
FEH: 11 3987 8367
PkmGO: 8452 3173 8252
Splatoon 2/ Switch: SW-2227-1937-0211
Dragalia Lost: 83 568 269 407
GuildWars 2: Bunni.3268
Discord: Bunni #9265

I've been on Gaia since 2005 and will stay around probably forever.
Always on Gaia for the pretty pixels and wonderful peeps ♥

Current Art auctions:

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Other Threads of mine (Don't be shy to drop by and say hi!) :

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Rainy Scheme Request
Passion Scheme Request

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