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Ludwig, IC and OOC

I now have a fanart section for those interested in the storyline and/or the character design! -- Fanart

All art is welcome!


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THANK YOU, Konigin! Maybe I'll stop getting those crazy PM requests! On a similar note, my Ludwig is VERY TAKEN with his War! Who is a WOMAN! Thank you!

:MORE EDITS: I MIGHT be coming back to the RP scene soon; I am working on Ludwig's backstory now. Like ... the human, not the country. It's for a storyline me and my girl have been working on for a while. I'll give updates when I can!

I am also working on a small website for S&G while exploring my new web browser. I'll be posting a lot of stuff there. Link coming soon!</:EDIT:>

:EDIT: I am no longer here for RP, however, I am here socially. Drop a line; I'll be here off and on.</:EDIT:>

AS A NOTE: I DO play normal canon Germany, I just really like my Nazi-Germany concept, so I am working on making that avatar first before expanding to encompass my canon Lu.

Now, let me get a few things straight up here:

~I am German! Native from the country, gained my US citizenship via fighting for this country, did a tour in Afghanistan! I support my troops, and I am proud to say I am an American, but I will always be German at the roots.

~I AM fascinated by the Nazi Regime and the Third Reich and the whole of WW2. This DOES NOT MEAN I am a Nazi myself. My interests are my interests, not a life-goal. I would never want to be a Nazi myself; that's just .... ech. I am FAR too tolerant of everyone else to be a good Nazi anyway.

~I HAVE KIDS! Two of them, ages three and six. THEY ARE MY FIRST PRIORITY! If I pop off for a time, it's probably not because of you or anything you did; I am a single father with a pair of children to my name. I will ALWAYS pay them my UTMOST attention over you, whom I probably don't know at all [Konigin, you are a special case...]. Please do not get angry at me if I disappear for a time; I will have my friend KoniginDerNacht contact you if I can. [She's a good girl, props to her!]

~Also. I WILL NOT RP YAOI. My take on Ludwig is PAINFULLY STRAIGHT (ESPECIALLY the Nazi; I understand the uniform fetish as those were sexy uniforms, but the REAL Nazi Regime HATED gays with a seething passion that, officer or not, you would have been SHOT if you were gay). Seriously; someone must have whacked him with the straightest 2x4 in the world when he was younger. *Eyes Prussia suspiciously* So, while he has no problem with being AROUND gay people, he himself will never partake of it.

That's all I can think to complain/make notes about. I will add more here, if needed.

In the meantime, please! Enjoy the dual profiles! Both are under construction; please bear with me.

I'm leaving the profiles up! Just in case I feel like coming back to RP again.



Imposing figure of a man, standing at five foot eleven with a broad almost intimidating build.

Skin was perfect, unmarred, as though chiselled of ivory-white marble. Scrutinizing glare of crystal blue was counteracted with hair of white-gold that was brushed almost obsessively back out of his line of sight.

Viciously sadistic disposition was felt as though it made the air thicker around him, disturbing glint in his eye mirroring the half-hearted smirk on his face.

Form was swathed in black cloth in a most familiar and hated military uniform, the red armband centered on his upper right arm speaking volumes. Jacket was done up right and proper with a Knight's Cross centered at his throat whilst dress pants tucked neatly into knee-high boots polished to shine among metal buckles and leather belts. Gloves covered his hands as though he were afraid to touch the filth of the world around him, officer's cap was centered on his head neatly with gleaming band and pins showing where his loyalties lied. Heavy black longcoat was set over the top of his uniform, just as meticulously done up to perfection as the rest of his attire.

Such a turbulent era he stood for, his want for control and genocide rooting fear in many if his over-the-top possessiveness didn't do so first.

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Stereotypical Aryan b*****d.

He stood five foot eleven, military-trained with straight-backed posture and broad-set shoulders. Face betrayed his youth, handsomely chiseled and clean-shaven with sharp crystal blue eyes scrutinizing almost everything around him. Hair was white-blond, kept obsessively cut short at just above his ears at longest, typically slicked back from his face to keep it from hindering his line of sight. Skin was pale, unmarred by any visible scarring.

Body was clad in the casual uniform for the German infantry, an olive green lined in simple black and white, cleaned and pressed to perfection. Shined black boots rose to his knees, hands gloved in seemingly-creaseless black leather. A Knight's Cross typically hung from his throat and it was no dispute why he had it or how he had gotten it.

Casual, the jacket was normally left open with the sleeves rolled up, black tanktop seen to hug his well-toned form beneath. An olive green infantry cap was generally centered on his head at this time, plain but comfortable.

Disposition was as military as he held himself, straight-laced and rule-ridden. However he seemed to have a soft side that showed in odd ways from time to time, a concern that surfaced only when it needed to. Accent-laden rumble of a voice was always curt and sharp, even when he tried to show kindness, awkward at best in most social situations but not unkind until pushed.


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It's All In the Phrasing...

Close only counts in horsehoes, hand grenades, and thermonuclear warfare.

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Meine Schriften

Something simple in look and appearance. Since when did Ludwig ever go overboard with something as simple as a journal?

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Stulluna Report | 02/11/2012 12:11 pm
Aha,got the damn thing!....it's not even that good ._." (http://ikutoaddict.deviantart.com/art/Chibis-for-Gaia-284494155)
Stulluna Report | 02/03/2012 9:04 pm
o.o Have you tried searching? (uploading chibi drawing next comment,I swear....stupid flippen webcam,about to round-house it.....)
Stulluna Report | 01/22/2012 8:58 pm
I thought those were always there and we were just not smart enough to find them. : P
Stulluna Report | 01/22/2012 5:35 pm
XD What can they do~?
Stulluna Report | 01/22/2012 12:24 pm
Many a strong soul has been lost to those.IRS is good.Avoid bringing the FBI,they'll think an alien landed nearby or something and follow you.
Stulluna Report | 01/22/2012 10:30 am
Oh noo,with all the alcoholic beverages they drink,a little flame and they've got their own flameflower.You're best bet is a man in a suit with shades,they don't like the government much.
Stulluna Report | 01/21/2012 3:18 pm
Nothing tones the mind better than having to compete against your 7-15 siblings for survival.They're some tough effers.
Stulluna Report | 01/21/2012 11:42 am
Ah yes,the hounds XD.Be careful of the spawn,they're weak but numerous.
Stulluna Report | 01/20/2012 7:22 pm
Fear the omnipotent four wheeler! x)
Stulluna Report | 01/20/2012 6:34 pm
If you question it you'll find holes :3~

It usually is,except when there's a deadline.Yeah, and usually my details are good. :3 I figured out how I can upload it,I just need to wait until my dad's at work/off the desktop so I can upload them.Hurrah~

Meine Liebe und mein Leben~ -- OOC