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Hello, fellow Gaians! I'm Nancy and welcome to my profile biggrin There isn't much to say about me surprised . I'm pretty outgoing and love making new friends smile I still don't know how to work this damn page, so, yeah, sorry if it's not the greatest. It'll get better within time, hopefully. I love animals, anime, games, zombies, shooting zombies, guns, splattering body parts. Ok, i'm getting creepy. But um, yeah,don't be afraid to send me a friend request or message, if you would like to chat, unless I scared you off already sad Otherwise, I hope we can be very good friends!


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Rancid Flesh Report | 11/26/2012 11:24 pm
the booty grab isnt as easy as it was back then sadly D|
or id be gaining 250k a week if im rly determinate....
sometimes you get boxes it...
they arent worth much. like 9k? idk anymore. i just open them and hope to get something decent xD
and yes the end is near my friend crying
apparently there is gonna be a new site called Skye? :

ppl shouldve taken out the shtty CC that nobody wanted off their lists...
EXACTLYYYY. too many choices. and i am a very indecisive person ;__;
augh some ppl had crap items that everybody has or nobody wants...
if a trade list is longer than 3 pages i dont wanna look through it...
wow the gaia avis would look very awkward.
even if they were to walk normally itwould look weird. maybe because they have such stubby legs LOL
Rancid Flesh Report | 11/21/2012 3:37 pm
no i mean, my friend got a lot of gold from booty grab and bought expensive items because of all the gold xD
however there are occasions where you can get gift boxes that are worth a few hundred/thousands... or you can just open the gift box to get an item.
in the daily chance that you see in the home/my gaia/shop/forum/world/game tabs, you can have a chance to score a free item. i just got an item that was worth about 100k. i opened it and got a sucky item but it was still worth 90k so im selling it
omg i was absolutely terrible at trading. you know those wolf ears? yeah i traded them away cheaply Dx
but eh i still had some decent items so it was okay
trading with people is a hassle because 1) they want you to OP. 2) they are picky. 3)you have to look through, sometimes, horrendously long lists...
gaia has such a large item database, i think it would be a pain in the butt to edit it. twice i think the avatars would look ridiculous sitting down...

oh heres the link: http://www.tinierme.com/tinierme/publicdiarydisp.do?key=3c8b23cd63a0139d20f34dd3d0a5fd768fbf25e892938ded
Rancid Flesh Report | 11/20/2012 6:11 pm
lol i dont have such strong urges for items because i start thinking hmmm. am i really gonna waste my life on this site? id rather just have clothes.
but thats just me because i spent my most of my life on the computer..
to be honest for avatars, i just start off with the hair and face xD.
then i just get some simple cute looking outfit and im done. then just work my way up i guess?
its called Gaia Cash xD um... i guess some people have spent some money in the past years but then again i guess some have been on for a while, got things cheap, saved up from booty grab, and got all these cool things.
i mean my friend, idk if she wasted cash on the site, but she got a lot of stuff from just booty grabbing... back when it was easy to get money Dx
On tm, some of my items were gifts from nice ppl who had spares. Then overtime, i traded those items because i wanted something else and thats how i got my items. Then there were offers and i also drew for some items. and at time i would get lucky with trading. to be honest , the market kills item trading. on tm, there wasnt such an inflation b/c of the market. and if the market were to be there on tm, we would still just be getting CC were its virtually useless for the items.
idk what i just said im sorry sweatdrop
when i transitioned from gaia to tm i was so amused with the sitting and the actions overall LOL
im pretty sure GC here is like GC on tm... where 10$ = 1000 gc since i did spend money on this site before...
their cash cards were more easily accessible than tms ; ^ ;
yeah a lot of friends have quit beyond the closing announcement, but then its where the friendships have happened, ya know?
well i guess that whole Complete sheet rule was recent and i guess the new boss/ceo of tm wasnt as good so they lost connections? not sure. you should check on sleepy's diary post on tm... i think that's her name
Techie Creek Report | 11/20/2012 2:36 pm
What's confusing ya? I don't see how it's too difficult. But if you need help, try to explain the problem and I'll do my best to help.
Rancid Flesh Report | 11/19/2012 10:52 pm
ya know window shoppin in the market place aint such a bad idea :0
LOL why ar eyou a snowman? xD
maybe we can hang out there and spark a convo to attract others--
what probs do you have in the market place? tbh i type random words, get results, click on an interesting item and click on the other tags for it to find different items
gaia has so much stuff @__@
i miss tm where you would at least know where something might be from..
the trade here , unless it changed over the years, is kinda the same as tm's. its just you need to enter your pw + you can send gold (though there is a fee for sending gold; same for when you sell something)
i think if people wanted to see the value of an item, they would just go to the market. though i doubt ppl trade on here often, unless of its with friends/accounts.
i prefer tm because it looks more simple and clean.
some items on gaia are just a hot mess...
the way avatars walk on here look ridiculous imo. even though tm didnt rly look like walking and didnt turn around, it was a more smoother look to it.
and you can actually sit on tm instead of kneel.
+ the towns arent attractive. gaia may have an awesome system of doing things; all those shops, marketplace, all these spots for forums etc. but i think they shold work more on making a homier looking site? idk xD

have you seen that chart for gaias black friday sale? .__. 25 bucks for one item? friggin kidding me wtf
however they do have mult forms.. its just.... DAMN.
no wonder the prices are so wack.
Techie Creek Report | 11/19/2012 6:39 pm
Doork. Hrm, any items you're looking at?
Techie Creek Report | 11/18/2012 8:24 pm
Silly, never alone.
Rancid Flesh Report | 11/18/2012 7:38 pm
i rly have no idea. people got bored of, made friends and left to the forums/private pms or maybe people were just too rude so they left. not rly sure.
i been there i just forgot about it... i thought it would be kinda dead, however it is smaller than towns...
i feel intimidated w/ the richies cause then i might judge me or something xD
but then i would play mult times from the gold i earned from booty grab and get ccrap. but if you get some super rare item it can be worth a few mil in the market...
yeah but its kinda sucky anime if you ask me; though i didnt see the whole list
and its only a few shows
the company for tm should just start anew and make some site similar to it; just get rid of the gacha elements
Rancid Flesh Report | 11/17/2012 9:42 pm
nah the towns have been dead. it use to be so lively with hundreds of people. now the highest iit ever goes is a hundred xD
yet 22k were on last time i looked at the counter.
everybody's in the forums im guessin. it's just not my type of thing xD
and idk.. people on here are kinda intimidating because they have a rep for being stuck up and rude
lol wot- what do they do in that "hollywood" place?
most of the really nice hairs are from chance items that are like what. $1.49 for one try?
pfepostpseod that girl was rude i dont care how much she spent LOL.
well at least you can watch some anime on this site....
and they have more mini games compared to tm
i wish it was more of a social/chatting site, ya know?
Rancid Flesh Report | 11/14/2012 8:31 pm
oh damn i just figured out the booty grab player bonus lessens from each play, getting less and less gold o______o
it use to be just x4? the gold you get.. and 25% would go to the owner of the tank.

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