Automated Message:

Hey it's Kaity, owner of this gaian account, and I am creating this to exploit that I am going to leave gaia. I am so tired and done with online friends and it is easier to just make friends through regular daily life. (I mean...gaia has mostly attempted me to make friends because aside from creating an avatar, a home, page, need friends to go along. I am donating everything I have to one person. I am sure you will know who you are...when you get the s**t in your inventory. I am saying 'byeeee' to the people I have met through this site and leaving no phone numbers or myspace pages. But I am really happy I met the whole lot of you because online friends are fun even if at only the time. I guess it is just so god damn easy to lie to people you hardly know or have never met face to face and that is also why I am leaving. I say au revoir to all of you and log out for the final time. :] Peace. Hugs. Happiness. Whatever you like best.