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Gaia Name: BulletShock

Codename: Bullet Shock
Character Name: Mira Neisen
Age: 19
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

The ability to generate/Manipulate Electricity
Generate/manipulate electricity. You should probably avoid swimming, especially with other people (unless you don't like them), but you can electrocute your enemies. The color of the electricity for her is red. (like on infamous)

Cyber World Traveller
The ability to travel into the cybernetic, internet world.
This ability you can travel inside the internet via any electrical device. Instead of viewing a monitor screen; when accessing the world wide web. You can literally visit those web pages. Online video games only seem more real (just don't run out of lives). The rules of the cyber world apply to you too. With this power you can leave from any electrical. So in theory can be used to teleport. this power is a more advanced form of Lightning Riding
The ability to "ride" and summon bolts of lightning
this power allows someone to use lightning as transportation as well as to summon it to strike at will.to use this power the rider simply summons lightning to strike him/her self they then contol where it goes. this allows them to travel at great speeds to great distances. they can also summon the lightning to strike any target at will.

Bio-Metallic Parasite
The ability to manipulate a small piece of metal that lives on your body
You can manipulate the (beneficial)parasite's size to make an near-indestructible metal shield or create a slide to prevent a hazardous fall. The parasite will react instinctively when your in harm. Example, someone is about to punch you from behind and the parasite will coil around your enemies arm preventing the punch. The parasite responds to your mental commands so if you think it, you get it. Can also manipulate the parasite into a projectile, like bullets or shuriken. (basically like Gaara's sand, only metal instead of sand, and it lives under the skin like carnage inside Casady)
The parasite feeds off of the oil on her hands, and excess electricity. Acting like a power regulator when she's affected by sunspots.

Bio: This seven year old girl was the daughter of two abusive parents, though they had their own versions of abuse. Her mother would use verbal while her father would use his fists that along with him being a raging alcoholic make him almost as dangerously unpredictable as the rhino. One night her father goes off crazier than usual. Mommy doesn't like that, so she grabs the kitchen knife to defend herself. Daddy doesn't like that....not...one...bit. So, with her watching, he takes the knife to her and says pathetic. Looks over at the girl, comes at her with the knife. She panics and runs off, hiding in one of the closets. She starts crying more and more hearing his psychotic lullabies. She screams nearly ripping her hair out, wishing to get out of there. Daddy finds the closet and rips the door off it's hinges. Only to find that she disappeared. On the floor was a game boy that had been let on for a while. The police came a few days later due to the mother's disappearance. Daddy was arrested and charged with two counts of homicide. They found the body of mommy tied to the bottom of a lake. But they never found the girl's body. Ten years later, after the house was repaired, The new occupants had gotten the house and everything in it. They had two kids, a mom and a dad, and a dog. One night the eldest son decides to tell his younger brother a ghost story of what happened in the house. Word for word. Then asks his little brother if he was scared. His obvious answer was no. So with a smirk and a push, his elder brother dared him to open the closet and see if the little girl's ghost haunted it. The little brother hesitantly opened the door, finding nothing but old news paper with coffee stains on them and a game boy that was turned on. The older brother shocked to see a game boy better than his own just lying on the floor got a bit jealous. The youngest picked it up and started playing, the elder pushed him down and took the game boy. Slamming the door in his face and locking it behind him. His little brother cried and screamed, begging his brother to let him out. His elder brother was too busy playing the game. Then the game started to act funny, then it started to burn the elder's hands. He dropped it, little jolts of electricity were surging around the game boy. Then a big jolt flashed from the screen and took form in front of the eldest. The parent's were still asleep and the dog was barking and clawing at the back door begging to be let in because he knew there was trouble brewing. Anyway, The bolt took the form of the girl who now had the body of a woman. User Image
She took a few steps toward him, illuminating the room with her red voltage. He panicked and ran off to his parents. She ignored him and opened the closet door and vanished before the other little boy could see her. She rode the power lines using the tv as a jump gate. Ending up in New York, right outside the x-mansion. She wanted to ask so many questions and she knew no one else would help her since that little boy freaked out, there was only a vivid depiction of what a bigger militant boy would do, with a weapon.


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Valkyrie Gauge Report | 02/14/2011 6:44 pm
Valkyrie Gauge
((Liz got tired of waiting. That and she wasn't sure if Alex would, given the time. ))
Valkyrie Gauge Report | 02/14/2011 12:59 pm
Valkyrie Gauge
((Happy V-day! Gauge's boyfriend. She asked him to marry her. o: ))
I_Am_Parrot Report | 10/10/2010 2:29 pm
i see ninja
I_Am_Parrot Report | 09/26/2010 2:43 pm
oh i almost forgot HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
I_Am_Parrot Report | 09/26/2010 2:37 pm
man i am really out of the loop
I_Am_Parrot Report | 09/25/2010 12:15 pm
yeah... wait you moved away!? when did this happen?

btw damn you for the game XD
Sexy Un Report | 09/24/2010 9:54 pm
Sexy Un
Any time.
Wanna hang out in towns?
Sexy Un Report | 09/24/2010 9:53 pm
Sexy Un
Myyyep. . .
Also: Happy belated, kneegrow.
I_Am_Parrot Report | 09/24/2010 8:31 pm
Life is pretty boring dude XD
How bout you?
Sexy Un Report | 09/20/2010 12:14 pm
Sexy Un
I works at McDonalds. . .
=w =;

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