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Report | 09/10/2007 4:00 pm


One day a little boy, who wasn't the smartest kid on the block, was walking by and was carrying a whole bunch of money in his pockets. 2000 gold coins in one pocket and 2000 coins in the other. A strange man then grabbed him by his neck nearly choking him to death and said to give him some money. The boy then gave him only 700 coins, then ran to the next block. He then was relieved that he lost the man. Then a crazy cat lady came up to him and grabbed him by the ankle then said please give me some money for more cat litter please!! he said that he couldn't help her he was having his own problems. Suddenly the lady twised his ankle. The boy paniced and gave her 1000 coins. then he limped away. Then homeless man came up to him and said " I see you have a broken leg. I used to have a broken leg, that time my family and I was a happy family living in a 2 story house happy as can be. Later one night A group of tuff guys came in and kidnnaped them. They lefted me cuz my leg was broke. I stopped working and became the man I am today." The boy was heart broken and gave him 2250 coins.

To be continued.............

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