About me, i guess.

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Meow! Hello there~
I'm BulimicRainbowz_x !
Please call me Kiori. :3
I do like to RP but I always get writer's block. :/
I know I don't get online much...BUT~
Hey, I do try to get online more! C:
& that's what matters, Right?

I do love drawing cute avatars!
I mostly do headshot freebs.
But...I don't do that much anymore.
People were rude & ungrateful.
Didn't even get "thank yous."
SO...if you do happen to get Art from me I was in a good mood.

I also lalalaLOVE getting~ Avi Art!
Like this lovely piece below! x3

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Art by ;; inculta
Draw me & i'll love you forever! User Image