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Hello there, that is me! My name is Nicki! I am a friendly when you get to know me.
I love dubstep, drum and bass, pop, ect....

I have a wonderful boyfriend, his name is Chaise. :3 <3

If you manage to break through my tough exterior, there may or may not be a nice person inside.. biggrin cat_blaugh


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JellyJamPreserves Report | 06/17/2012 4:50 pm
thanks for buying whee
Phurfect Report | 06/17/2012 1:21 pm
Lol oh wow, I'm in jean shorts.
and uh, I'm do alright I supose.
I'm talking to my boyfriend on the phone, and in rally with him.
& my fathers day has been crazy also x.x
Phurfect Report | 06/17/2012 1:16 pm
Oh cool, lol.
Those shorts must be popular 8D
And really? , I don't think I do, I live in Newport news :l
But it's great to hear some people that are normal these days actually play on gaia.
How are you this evening?
SlapKnut Report | 09/22/2011 6:16 am

thanks for adding me up :3
and thanks xD
my_cuteness Report | 09/21/2011 1:22 pm
I have had mine since 7th or 8th grade and am now a senior in college smile
bug152 Report | 09/20/2011 4:58 pm
hi guys..sorry i have been offline recently, i forgot about gaia, and i couldnt find my password:3
xman fizz Report | 12/29/2008 12:16 pm
xman fizz
ill tink abou getten oe thanks ^_^
XxWhEn_DeAtH_CrYsxX Report | 12/26/2008 9:36 pm
XxWhEn_DeAtH_CrYsxX Report | 09/22/2008 2:34 pm
This post was removed because it appeared to be spam / chain mail.
angelxvi Report | 08/25/2008 1:27 pm

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he luvs me he luvs u not

he luvs me he luvs u not

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i love him

Word up!