Hi, I'm Anne.

Quit Gaia 9/8/10
I love & will miss you all <3
MSN me if you want - tell me who you are though razz

If you see a login, it's not me. Couple friends have access to my account razz

This site has gotten super crazy since I left! Wow!


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Asian Sins Asians

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Asian Sins Asians

Happy Birthday to you..
Happy Birthday to you!....
OH NO! Not again! I just did this
a year ago! xd
Happy Birthday dear bslayer4! heart
Happy Birthday to you!
And many more beers!!!! lol
Asian Sins Asians

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Asian Sins Asians

"Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
You haven't been on in so long,
your profile smells like an old shoe....."
Happy Birthday bebe! heart
o Kiddo o

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o Kiddo o

your bday emo

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u smell
Asian Sins Asians

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Asian Sins Asians

Hey you! emotion_awesome
You were on earlier today.
Yes, you were. Don't lie. lol

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lmfao ok thx

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lmfao ok thx

The are always afew crazies but there are so many other nice people. People bring me coffee, treats, and sometimes even beer its a chill job. whee

Maybe those people can give you some interest since they've been getting so rich. wink
And its called the ascended demon, I'm just as behind if not more so on all this. u__u
lmfao ok thx

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lmfao ok thx

Parking booth for a stadium that holds events like nhl hockey and concerts! Its pretty chill I bring my laptop in and mooch the wifi. smile

Well get on that ! I'm in the process of getting back le commons. We need to dress each other again those were the times cool
C A H P S_

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C A H P S_

touch my body


[b:0d13ee09ca]Quit~ 9/8/10
<3 and miss all my friends!

See profile to get in touch with me (:[/b:0d13ee09ca][/color:0d13ee09ca]