Learning to ignore ignorance is challenging yet I find gratification in being above the bullshit, as maggots thrive & live in it #rumors- Trey Songz
Heyheyhey its Bryan u can call me Bri-Bri, or Bryan watever you want idc lolz! Umm meh is very random lolz, people cant believe how black i can get but how white i always am its just me WHITE/BLAC BOI thats meh yepyep! I raised that if some1 hit u, you hit them bac harder(thats what she said lmfao)! I luv music, MUSIC is my life actually i luve to sing,act,chill will friends,luv makening people laugh lolz people say i should be a comedian when i grow up! I LUVE THEE COLOR ORANGE! My friends are my friends, my assicotates are my assicotates and my best friends some are my true friends thats thee way i see yepyep! Everyone is goona hurt you, you just gotta find the ones suffering for thats what i always keep in mind. Dont think about the negative thing about the positive. Ive been through alot but ive made it i have written in the stars lolz i will never change im on my WAY besta believe dat ohkay kan i get a AMEN PRAISE THE LORDT. I luve madea shes AMAZING well shes amazing cuze TYLER PERRY made her and well he is jus friggen beast. When i get mad i have a tendency to say cuss word afta cuss word and all ur hear is pure cussering which i hate but it comes out! I luve PARAMORE their my faviorte Band lolz my fav sung from them is THE ONLY EXCEPTION HAHAHA smile IFLT SOOO MUCHO! My fav sung is Oh how he loves us and Everlasting also Empty my Hands (All are christan sungs heheh) but my fav non-spirtual sungs are Fix you by COLDPLAY I FRIGGEN LUVE THEM, THE ONLY EXCEPTION PARAMORE ♥, and well i have alot but those top the list oh i forgot Who you are by the AMAZINGLY TALENTED JESSIE J LUV HER! But i have to say i praise well not literally but u get the point TENTH AVENUE NORTH their amazing beyond AMAZING THEIR INCREDIBLE TO BE EXCAT! I WORSHIP ONE BEEING AND THATS THE LORD THAT SITS HIGH JESUS CHRIST I LUV HIM WITH ALL MY HEART EVEN THO U CANT ALWAYS SHOW HIM HOW MUCHO U LUV HIM WHEN U GET THAT CHANCE JUS POUR YOUR HEART TO HIM THATS WHAT I DOO! EVERY GIRL TO ME IS BEATIFUL IN THEIR OWN WAY NO ONE IS UGLY AND NO ONE IS PRETTY EVERYONE IS BEATIFUL (NO HOMO 2 THEE BOYS I AINT LYKE THAT IJS neutral ). MY FAVIROTE SHOW IS GLEE YES IM SORRY IM A GLEEK AND PROUD OF BEEING ONE BUT I ALSO LIKE SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE, DANCING WITH THE STARS, THE VOICE (CHRISTINA AGULIEREA IS AMAZING AND GOREGOUS ♥ LUV HER), AND FREAKING DEGRASSI IS MY SOAP OPERA LMAFO. I LUV TEA LIKE LIPTION BUT I ALSO LIKE THEE ARIZONA DRINKS AND BRISK DRINKS AMAZINGLY TASTEFUL IJS! I LUV EVERYBODIE WITH ALL MY HEART EVEN IF I DONT KNOE U THAT GUD TO ME UR AMAZING JUST THE WAY YOU ARE! UMM IDK WHAT TO SAY BOUT JUSTIN BEIBER, BESIDES THAT DANG GOOD JOB MAN GET GURLS, DIDNT HIT PUBERTY, AND GOT PLENTY OF MONEY WOW TALKING BOUT A PHEMONON IJS! EVEN THO I STILL DONT LIKE HIM NOT CUZE IM JEALOUS BUT JUS BECUZE HE WRITES ABOUT THE SAME THING : LOVE,GURLS,AND THINGS THAT DEAL WITH A TEENAGER WHICH GETS BORING AFTER AWHILE IJS BUT LOOKS LIKE PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD HAVENT THOUGHT THE SAME THING IM JUS VOICING MY OPININON! I FRIGGEN LUV BARNEY HE IS AMAZING HE IS PURPLE TALKS,SANGS, AND HES A DINOSAUR YEAH AND DONT FORGOT ABOUT COOKIE MONSTER HE EATS COOKIES AND HES A MONSTER AND HES BLUE AMAZINGLY EPIC HAAHAHAH. I JUS NOTICED IVE BEEN CAPPING FOR LIKE THE PAST 5 MINS WOW! Well im chill and you can talk to me about anything, if you have sumthing against me tell me ill try to use your comments and thoughts wow i sound like dr.phil wright noi awesome smile ! Lolz sometimes i have a habit at laughing at corny jokes like do you work at subway cuze you gave me a foot long or do you do karate cuze your body is kickin or what to do call a lazie kangroo get this its called a POUCH POTATO hahahah smile ! I have a tendency of calling people my whores,nikkas,ride or die fools,homies,buddies,texting buddies, but really everybodie is thee same i hate nicknames but for some reason i give people nicknames lolz idk y but it jus happens it appears like A GHOST BOO I C U HAHAH smile ! I FREAKING LUVE THE MOVIE RENT 500 2500 600 MINS HOW DO YOU MEAUSRE MEAUSRE A YEAR LUV LUV LUV IT!!!!! CENTRAL (COBRAS ALL THE WAY 4 LIFE MY NIKKA IJS smile !) I text when u text me when ur bored ill make you not bored i knoe that didnt make sense but read it carefully and it will in away! I hate FWDS'S but if their good ones worth reading you might not receive a bad voicemail or text message from me IF its not a bad one ijs smile ! I like wearing white people clothes like vans or grandpa shoes i luv those sneakers are ehhh but VANS ARE AMAZINLY COOL ijs dont hate appre apprec appreci apprecia appreciat appreciate yeah i knoe what your think did he jus do that GUESS WHAT I DID SOO SUCK THE LEFT NUT AND LET THE RITE ONE HANG LOLZ SORRY THAT JUS RANDOMLY CAME OUT WOW! Im a poet i write quoets and sayings and peoms and even sungs smile when it comes to me give me a plate of mozzerla sitcks some pink lemonade and two pieces of paper and a ORANGE pen and i bee in the zone ijs! I jus noticed i wrote alot if anyone reads this whole thing i luv you forever im surprised i could think of sumthing soo lung and expressive im trying to use a big vocabulary thats very obsecured lolz! I freaking luve HARRY POTTER LOLZ EVEN THO DEADLY HALLOWS PART 2 IS THEE LAST ONE BOOO HOO :'( TEAR SNIFFLE SNIFFLE HMMM oh well i still got TRANSFORMERS thats goona be around for awhile mohohohahahah! I like all types of music besides rap ill only listen to a rapper that has to absoluetly blow my mind (thats what she said lmafo hahaha) kinky very kinky lolz jk jk jk! I like random friend request but you better not be over freaking 20 then ill have to get my mommy on u, u dont want none of this homez its a whole lot of spaggehti and it aint got no sauce ijs smile . WHO STOLE MY PANECAKE MIX GRR ILL GET YOU ELMO IF ITS THE LAST THING I DOO. IM PATRICK NOW GO MAKE ME A BACON AND PEPPERONI SAMMICH AND PRONTOE GRACIES SENOR OR CHICA HAHAHAH! Hehehehe i am single unfortuantely smile recently got out of a relationship i thought was serious but i guess i was wrung hmmm smh -_- im ready for someone that can top my nikka mode and b***h mode ands sweet and funny and can be infection if thats how u spell it yeah so hmu smile with them messages hello! I luve church its amazing well the church i go 2 is ijs not bragging! Orange is Amazingly fantasticly outstandly humgously amazingly fantastically outstandily humgously AMAZING smile HEHEHEHE!