I'm Brr, The child of xMihael Keehl and Innocent Raito.

And my brother(That's a meanie face. >:c) is Jenks Yagami.

Look what mommy made.

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Chekov - - Can Do That

Report | 09/18/2008 12:06 pm

Chekov - - Can Do That

Innocent Raito

Report | 06/28/2008 2:34 pm

Innocent Raito

He won't believe you~

Why is it that you dislike jelly?

You should dislike PEANUT BUTTER.
imagaY otiaR

Report | 06/25/2008 9:55 pm

imagaY otiaR

Muah. =] <3
Innocent Raito

Report | 06/23/2008 8:12 pm

Innocent Raito

Well, father is a crack head then.
Innocent Raito

Report | 06/17/2008 12:49 pm

Innocent Raito

No, Sayu you're going.


Don't touch that, Sayu.
You don't know where it's been...
Choco Meow

Report | 06/17/2008 11:19 am

Choco Meow

your video is addictive X}
I cant stop see it XD
I almost forget why Im in this profile o n o
cya X}
I am not Kira

Report | 06/17/2008 11:01 am

I am not Kira

*quirks brow and glances at in a disbelieving manner*
I see.
Well, *glances at the paper* I've written down a couple solutions to the problems in case there might be one you don't understand.
Sayu, you have to make sure you study. Attend cram school if you need to.
I am not Kira

Report | 06/17/2008 10:21 am

I am not Kira

*crosses arms over chest, and leans back in computer chair*
Well, that was quick. *smirk* I thought you said Okaa-san needed help?
I am not Kira

Report | 06/17/2008 10:10 am

I am not Kira

*closes eyes* Tch, okay.
*blinks and looks down at the paper; grasps it* Hey, wait a minute-- Sayu!
... *sigh; wastes a few minutes of his life writing out various probabilities next to the math problems before placing it aside*
I am not Kira

Report | 06/17/2008 9:55 am

I am not Kira

Again, Sayu? Have you been paying attention in class lately?
What's the problem?