Hello'z Well First I can say Im Diamon.Im The Girl who walks this earth May,21 .I Walk them wall'z Of George Middle School..I got soo many haterz Its Like Un beliveable.I Love The Colorz Red,Yellow,And Also Purpel.Im Crushing Duh:].LoL,Im Not no hater I can Be a Jeaoouls Person I Cant help It!:]LMAO!I hang out with Girls that aint fake or 2face and that dont be snakeing on me Like on of my bestfriends Ever did to me She was ******** up!foo that.But she coolIguess
I got my Heart Broken to many timez And waiting 4 the rigth guy who wont.!
I love My Wifeyz And My bestie,They Are My world they cheer me Up When I get my heart broken,They Always there to kick a bitches a** if i need them!!.:]Love Yhu Guyz,I Love My sister also her name is Tae' She walk them Wallz of Roosavelt.She 10 Grade, We love echother to death i can talk to her about anything..!Well Im Not done yet,If Yhu dont Like it so Far therez a [x] On the right corner just click it!.Anywayz where waz i am Hispanic,Puerto Rican,My hair Is REAL Im all natruel Not fake!AT ALL.Im A true friend to the people who like me for me and not just useing me like all the otherz.
I stay fresh 24/7 i might not have the cuttiez clothes or anything,But I Am a fun nice girl yhu just got to get to knw me and really knw how i am around ppl And how i pay action to myselp im not a fast lil hoeish girl like some at are school,Who be thinking they cute with They Fake a** Wivee hair Are they just dont got any.Now those girl i just said HATE Me.Like No joke.!many Girlz dont like me bcuz of how many boyz like me its not my fault my mama and dad Made A sexy a daughter Like meX]Jaykayy But naw 4 real tho.!!
Just wanted to let Yhu guys Knw a Lil about me!And How i roll.With The peopl i Like..Well Im out Yo|:] peace.Love.Have Hope In life,Just try!:]]