I'm Pansexual
I Focus More On Personality
Not Body Or Gender
Legal Baby At Age Twenty Two ;o
All Those Cheesy Birthday Cards Come On July 2nd
Time Is Important && I Don't Waste It
I'm Self Conscious A Lot Of The Time
Hazel Eyes && Strawberry Blonde
Model Size At 5'11 ;o
Smiles A lot =D
Lots Of Freckles
I Love My Little Pony
So Don't Be Hatin'
Not All That Balanced
Blushes Easily
Over Uses Emotion Faces ^^;;
I Can Be Immature Sometimes
I Don't Like Drama
I'm In The Evergreen State
I'm A Sucker For Romance
I Sing And Dance At Any Givin Point In Time
Piercings, Tattoos && Skinny Jeans Are Sexy
Converse Are A Lifestyle
I Love Gir From Invader Zim
Bubble Bee Is My Favorite Transformer
Near Is Totally Adorable c:
Tim Burton Is A Effing Genius
Peace Signs Are Pretty
Unicorns Are So Real
I Love The Gaia Sunflowers
I've Been Expelled From School Three Times Before
I Like Reality TV
I Love Musicals
I'm Not Racist
I Dont Discriminate
I Am One Of The Most Open Minded People
I Respect Your Opinion
But That Does'nt Mean I'll Agree With It
Sometimes People Underestamate Me
I Speak My Mind
Sometimes I Say Things Without Thinking
Offensive && Creative Like Handicapped Porn
Mess With My Friends And You'll Wake Up In Cuba
With An Alpaca Licking Your Face
&& No Pass Port To Get Your Sorry Ass Home