Broll Bearmantle

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Gender: Male

Location: Unknown

Birthday: 01/27

Occupation: Druid

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About Me.

Gender: Male
Race: Night elf
Level: 80 (elite)
Character class: Druid, Gladiator
Health: 151,000
Mana: 15,976
Affiliation: Alliance, New Council of Tirisfal, formerly Crimson Ring
Occupation: Companion of Varian Wrynn, Druid Representative on the New Council of Tirisfal, formerly gladiatorial slave of Rehgar Earthfury
Location: Unknown
Status: Alive
Relative(s): Anessa (daughter), Telandria (cousin), Valeera Sanguinar (lover)

Backround Story

Broll Bearmantle was born with antlers, an extremely rare gift of nature and a sign that one day he would do great deeds. For years people watched as his antlers grew and waited for him to manifest greatness. Over the long centuries he developed into a fine druid — very powerful, an amazing shapeshifter with many forms — but beyond that he seemed nothing special. In time he was further gifted with an idol crafted by the immortal druid Remulos, son of the demigod Cenarius. The idol was connected to a green dragon, and through the dragon Broll was linked to the Emerald Dream. The idol, however, could not help Broll in further developing his powers. He felt he had not fulfilled his promise. His "failure" began to eat at him.

When the Burning Legion along with their Scourge slaves, invaded Kalimdor during the Third War, Broll found himself at Mount Hyjal battling undead and demons. His daughter Anessa fought beside him. Broll's command was cut off from the main resistance force. Drawn by his hidden core of druidic power, a group of powerful demons attacked. In his desperation, Broll, for the first time called to the deep earth to protect those who fought beside him. He stood his ground giving the others time to pull back toward the main army as the trees uprooted themselves and attacked undead and demons alike. He had been fighting all-out for hours. He was tiring and in the end the pit lord Azgalor overwhelmed him. Broll dropped the draconic Idol of Remulos as he fell. Azgalor struck the idol with his polearm, Spite. The explosion of fel energy from the corrupted statue killed Anessa, who was trying to save her father. Despite this great personal loss, Broll saved many other lives that day and contributed greatly for the Alliance's victory.

His grief eating away at him Broll left night elf society and eventualy allowed himself to be bought by Rehgar Earthfury and his ex-slave now-partner Bloodeye Redfist, and become a gladiator alongside Bloodfist and a young blood elf named Valeera Sanguinar. Bloodfist however was soon after assasinated and Rehgar found himself without a leader for his team. The answer to his problems came in the form of a incredibly skilled but amnesiatic human warrior nicknamed Lo'Gosh who later was revealed to be none other than King Varian Wrynn. After a short period of working together as gladiators, Broll, as well as Valeera, accompanied Varian in his escape from servitude. Broll Bearmantle continued to accompany the young king until he assisted him in returning to his throne, becoming a trusted friend in the process.

Yeah my GF wants me to be her Broll so i did. (:

My Name is Kevin, I'm 15.

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