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Alexander Jansson

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Expression from dear loved ones.

"Green Heart"

Must, crush, destroy all that you've built
Thieves break in and steal your green heart
My red heart turns white as snow
Every new dawn yours could would you know

All you own is gonna burn

Let's lose it all
Buy something beautiful
What next will you sell?
Peace while you sleep?

Small green heart
Engraved on a dollar bill
Tell me could it build a whole universe?
Can it speak or answer your prayers like you hope it will?

Let's lose it all
Buy something beautiful
What next will you sell?
Peace while you sleep?

All you own is gonna burn

You're not just a body of flesh, bones and blood
You are alive, you're his precious child
And your soul will forever live on

Will forever live on


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Gaian Selfies Lulululul

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Hello Everyone,
--------------------------- You May call me Daffodil

-----------------Video games.
-----------------Meeting new people.
-----------------Dressing up.
-----------------Going to conventions.
-----------------Anime (I'm really picky though.)
-----------------Being Dramatic.
-----------------Learning new things.
-----------------Being Clean.
-----------------Going to work to earn money.
-----------------Drawing and painting.
-----------------Reading romantic books
--------------------------------------- And So on...


-----------------I don't like loosing!
-----------------I hate Cleaning up, but I do it anyway. <--Even though I like to be clean. XD Mind = blown.
-----------------Trash talking.
----------------- I don't like being Judged.
-----------------Children or babies
-----------------Romantic movies, books are awesome though!
-------------------------------------------- Not a lot of stuff I don't like.

Random Confessions.
----------------- I have more then one account and I make them talk to each other. sweatdrop
----------------- I've never flirted with anyone on Gaia. heart
-----------------My personality is kind of random, I'm sweet but I can be cruel burning_eyes 4laugh
-----------------I'm kind of an oddball, when ever I'm alone I totally think out loud. eek
-----------------I still watch cartoons and anime although I'm really picky. Some anime is just too much for me. cool
-----------------I am currently the drinking age for Texas. ninja

What I'd like to share with you to day.

What I've learned in church.
I want to share with you that my god, our god is a loving, interment god. He is the only god that will hear your prayers, understand your pain and put himself down onto earth to die for us, our sins. He’s among all other gods, idols. He is the only god that has a voice that has ears that spoke and gave us explanation, that choose to become human and die for us. He is the only god that can help your needs and bring true joy in your life. My god, our god loves you and everyone else around you, far away from you, from the past, present and feature.

Understand that one of the commandments is do not worship any other gods or idols because God is a jealous god, he is jealous for us. These Idols that you may know or not know exist your in your life cannot bring you joy and end your suffering. These idols will bring you a curse and cause you to never be satisfied but instead keep you continuously searching for something that will not happen through these idols. If you accept Jesus Christ as your lord and savior, all that you needs, all that your heart truly desire will come and you will be in peace and joy.


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