About Me

Single, and not looking for you.
Virgin, and plan on stayin that way for a while.
Blue-eyed, red-headed..
Dislike most mainstream music.
I listen to every genre except rap.
I prefer to not drink carbonated beverages.
I drink green tea and gatorade.
Italian food is amazing.
People assume things about me by the way I look.
Parents mainly.
I prove them all wrong.
My favorite animal is a tiger.
My favorite color is red.
I prefer the number 27.
My dream car is a Lamborgini.
We all know I'm never getting my dream car.
I love to act, but would never make it my career.
I wanna be a doctor of some sort.
If I had the people skills I'd be a psychiatrist.
I could never be a psychiatrist.
I'm extremely shy.
I have trouble calling my own boyfriend.
I've been hurt emotionally my whole life by multiple people.
I take all advanced courses.
I'm on color guard.
This is my first year of band.
I don't plan on learning to play an instrument before December.
No matter how much I sleep, I never get rested.
It's just enough to get me through the day to go back to sleep.
If, after every pointless thing I've listed, I happened to miss something, ask.