my name is obviously brittany, and i'm 17.
MEOW. 3nodding

aim sn mad xrawrxx23

I am named brittany.
I have a black cat.
I hate my dog.
I like the color red.
I have issues.
I am addicted to sims3.
I love my friends.
I like creating art.
I read legitimate books.
I am bothered by ignorant people.
I realize that i can be ignorant too.
I'm awesome.
I can sound conceited at times.
I essentially haven't been at my house all summer.
Edgar Allan Poe is the s**t.
Sometimes, the fact that I do have a soul comes through.
Music is my religion.
My friends are awesome.
country rap = crap.
I don't know what else to put here.
So, talk to me. i'm cool.

"If you are a butterfly,
I am suicide by insectide,
if I am kerosine,
you the spark the ignites it"


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thanks for the add
Logios Dolios

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Logios Dolios

Yes please, and too often.


"I bult you a home in my heart with rotten wood that decayed from the start."
Death Cab For Cutie