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Last Login: 07/04/2013 7:47 pm


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About Meh ;)

Age: 20 atm
Race: Caucasian
School: College
Town: no comment
Siblings: one boy, one girl
Pets: two cats
Orientation: bisexual
Relationship: single
Favorite color: blue
Favorite Flower: Daffodil
Favorite food: bacon burger
Favorite movie: Nightmare Before Christmas
Favorite candy: gummy bears
Favorite Song: I just listen to whatever my feelings want to hear
Favorite Book: A certain slant of light
Favorite day of the week: saturday
Favorite Sport: .... uh....

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I love you all :D


have you guys noticed that my wishlist never gets smaller??? >.>

do you think i'm crazy?
or am I just plain normal
that no one notices?
>: )

"Don't live for anyone but yourself" me: HAHA

"Butterflies never felt so good : )"

"Life is one big road with a lot of signs"-bob marley

Be a FRUIT LOOP in a world of cheerios

"He makes me melt like a
popsicle on the 4th of July"-Little Rascals

Here comes the sun doodoodoodoooo!

I'm an artist junky :3

when in fights, i'm usually the neutral person
that tries to help get the two sides together.


"Who's the biatch now!?"-The New Guy

"If you look to the sunshine,
you will never see the shadows"

"Tell a child what
to think, and you make
him a slave to your
knowledge. Teach him
how to think and you
make all knowledge his
-Henry A. Taitt 1985

om nom nom nom =:3