No one actually looks at profiles anymore right? Right.

But I should probably say some stuff just to appease those who actually read these things (which is seriously creepy guys. If you do that you should probably get checked into a mental hospital).

First and foremost:

I like to be called England, because all my friends call me that anyways, so everyone else might as well call me that too.

I watch Hetalia (obviously). I watch it too much for it to be healthy, but then again no anime is healthy.

I don't like getting random PMs from people just wanting me to lower the price on something in my shop. Cuz then I actually have to deal with people, and I try to avoid that.

I don't have many friends. And the friends I do have I can't see anymore because they're in high school and I'm in college ;n;

I also don't like talking to people that I don't know, but if you're feeling brave enough to try it, knock yourself out. There's no guarantees I'll reply back. People scare me ._.

That's about it....