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------------I am Sita. the demonic angel. am i from heaven, or am i from hell? i dont even know. i am a vampire. although i dont look it, i am about 5 thousand years old. i cant fly, and white roses, crosses, garlic, holy water, mirrors, the sun, and running water dont kill me. although, i have the strength of twenty strong men, and i can leap through the air and it looks as if i am flying. the sun doesnt kill me, but i dont like it. as for crosses, i wear one around my neck. i do in fact, like them. i dont hate god. in fact, i am close to him. i was there before he was. Sri Krishna of the Vedas. that is who my god is. i met him once. his blue eyes shine with the light of the stars. i can never forget him. or his eyes. i have a photographic memory. i can read a whole book faster then any human can read a chapter. i was there in the beginning of time. i do drink blood, and i need it to servive. i can live off of animal blood, although it is not very satisfying. i can go for 6 months without drinking human blood, and i dont need to kill my victoms in order to drink from them. i could drink a pint or two, and they'd awaken with a mere headache. also, i cant turn anyone into a vampire just by drinking his or her blood. i have to exchange blood with my victom. not all of it, but a good amount. but i still need to servive off of regular food. i can also heal within teo minutes, no matter how bad the wound. although, a stake through the heart, or bullet to the head might kill me. i cant heal around an object. for instance, a knife, or stake. i can move faster then any living creature, or creation. to a human, my movements only seem a blur. but i can move slower, so human eyes can see me perfectly if i feel the need. i can hear an ant crawl from over two miles away. i can smell things humans cannot. i can see perfectly the features of any object or person from over two miles away. my gaze is enchanting, hypnotic, but if i wish, i could burn through your brain just with a hot glance. with my eyes and voice, i can make you do, forget, or remember anything i wish. i can tell if you're lieing. i can plant thoughts in your mind and heart. i am no match for any human or creation. i have lived through situations, even i should have died in. only by Sri Krishna's grace.----------

i walk into a near bar. i am alone. i sit at a table by myself and order a few drinks. alcohol has no effect on me. let dinner come to me tonight, i tell myself. about ten minutes later, a white male in a black leather jacket, black boots, and a black cowboy hat comes to my table and sits across from me. he is about thirty years old. he smells of whisky and gunpowder. i note the bulging gun inside his left breast pocket.
"what are you doing in here all alone miss? dont you know a pretty little thing like you could get hurt in a place like this?"
i also take note of his southern accent. i have not shown up in my regular attire. my beautiful blonde hair is covered with a long black wig. my coctacts over my blue eyes are green. i am in a pair of black leather pants, and a black top that shows my middle section. i am wearing my black boots as well as he is, though mine reach to my knees. i smile at him.
"im just out. having a drink." i disguise my voice to sound about twenty five years of age, and in a lot of emotional pain. he looks me up and down. he really likes me, i know.
he snickers. "whats wrong honey? you sound a little down in the dumps."
"but i am."
"oh, and why is that? having problems with your boyfriend?"
i lower my eyes. "actually, i just broke up with him."
"oh. what happened, if i may ask?"
"we had a fight," i pause for effect. "he hit me. so i left him."
"well, thats no way to treat a lady." he says. i can see in his eyes that he himself has no idea how to treat a lady. from the faint smell of blood on his coat, i can tell he's killed before. and quite recently. i have to keep myself from snickering myself. he intends to kill me.
"can i buy you a drink?" he asks.
"that would be so kind of you."
"you want something stronger?" he is referring to my glass of scotch. "you drink whiskey?"
i make myself seem embarrassed. "i've never had whiskey." i lie.
he chuckles. "well then, two whiskey's it is."
we drink our whiskey, but two glasses suddenly turns to four. which in about an hour, turns to eight. he is very drunk. i am undestubed by the alcohol, but make myself appear drunk as well.
"hey sweet thing, why dont i give you a ride home?" he slurs.
i giggle. "ok."
we leave the bar, stumbling, arms wrapped around each other's waist. we get into his porsche. after i climb into the passengers' seat, i stare out into space. he looks at me.
"are you alright honey?"
i smile sheepishly. "i just remembered. i have nowhere to go since i broke it off with my boyfriend."
he slaps his knee. "thats alright babe. you can come with me. stay the night. i dont live very far. i could show you a great time."
i wink at him. "i would like that."
"i bet you would baby. i bet you would."
the drive is about a half hour. he parks his car outside a house at the end of a caul-de-sac.
"here we are." he climbs out of the vehicle, and walks over to my side and opens the door for me. i thank him. not five minutes after we reach the inside of his home, he is nibbeling on my ears and kissing my neck. he takes off his coat and throws it on the couch. i unbutton his pants, but that is all. his hands are all over my body. i grab his hair and pull his head back a little. i bite his neck without breaking the skin.
"oh, you're a little fiesty thing, now aren't you babe?"
i giggle once again. "fiesty? i could rip your goddamn head off. want me to demonstrate?"
"now, that's what i call kinky."
i pull his head back farther, obviously hurting him a bit. "yes. and soon i will have your blood all over my clothes and mouth." i say seriously. he gives me a weird look, and slowely reaches for his left breast pocket, where he holds his gun. he quickly points it at me, and i release him.
"i dont think so you crazy little b***h. now get on your knees with your hands behind your back."
i do as he says. he points the gun at my mid section as he kneels down to me. i stare at him without showing emotion. he gets close to my face and whispers in my ear, "now i want to play a little game."
"what kind of game?" i ask innocently. he lowers the gun to the buckle at my pants.
"my kind of game."
"i dont want to play." i say.
he throws his head back and laughs. "if you dont, i'll shoot you."
"and if i do, you'll shoot me. so either i do play, and get shot, or i get shot anyway, and you dont get your fun."
"oh, i wont just shoot you. i'll torcher you. you'll be begging me to shoot you when im through." that was his first mistake. in one move too quick for him to contemplate, i reach out with my right palm and break his nose. he covers his face and drops his gun. i kick it to the other side of the room, and rise to my feet.
"you were going to rape me, then kill me. now, i am going to rip your throat out with my bare hands."
he crys on the floor beside me. "who are you?"
i think for a second. "i am the boogeyman. your worst nightmare." i answer. i reach down and lift him above my head with my left hand. i grab his throat with my right.
"any last words?" i ask him.
"please, i have kids." he is pathetic. but he is not lieing. this saddens me.
"do you love them?"
he crys more. "yes!"
i hesitate. "good. then you understand that it would be best for them to grow up without a father like you."
he shivers in my hands. "oh God, please. i dont want to die!"
i pull him to my lips, and whisper my favorite line in his ear. "then you should never have been born."
he screams as i rip his throat from him and sink my teeth into his sweet flesh. i am going to enjoy this. no one will miss him. as i finish, i throw his drained body to the floor.
"to answer your question, i am Sita. the last vampire." i say to his dead corpse. i leave the house. it is going to be a long drive home.

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lol,my dream avi!!!!!!!!!!WOOOOOT!!!!!!!!!

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this one

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Biancamella 5th Gen
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Winter Rose
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Elegant Veil
Elegant Veil
Elegant Veil
Demonic Pendant
Biancamella 3rd Gen
Elegant Veil

lol. ok, now i dont even know which one i

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Winter Rose
Leather Collar with Cross
Drop Dead Gorgeous Onyx Skull Hairpin
Demonic Anklets
Demonic Pendant
Black Gloves
Angelic Pendant
Coal Gunner Boots
Rock Hard
Ancient Katana
Onyx Milady Skirt
Onyx Milady Bodice
Black Heartbreaker Jacket


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