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You know they say life is short, they say you wake up one day and on that day all of your dreams, everything you wished for and you wanted, gone, just like that. I want this moment right now, this day, my feelings for you, i want this to last forever

I don't think i can imagine what life really was like before this date:
♥ ~ ( January 23rd 2011) ~ ♥
But i can tell you what it will be like from here on out.

Theres many things about me.
First off, I'm Brasilian.
Meu portuguese nao e perfeito, mais eu sei fala bem smile
Second, I have multiple personalities. This means i have more then just 2 different ones. In other words, there's something wrong with me.
Yes, I'm a male model.
All through my life I've always been a bit behind compared to others.No im not retarded, i just choose to let other people experience the ******** up's while i sit and watch. I like to do things on my own and keep to myself, though im very social with everyone. Im a loving guy, i care for everyone who cares for me. I've helped countless people with there day to day problems. Music is life, and without that; there cant be life (as stated in the bible)
I like to think that im extremly funny, during tough times i find the best in things to make life less harsh and more chill.
Im not one to judge anyone, nor am i gonna neglect you because of what you wear, what you do, or ur rep.
Wanna know the reason? Ask me.
I act different from others, aswell as dress differently, i don't mind being labeled, it just shows you how bad people are at judging one another. I'm extremely cocky, I don't know if i can change that, but I'm willing to try. Im ALWAYS texting, so txt me if u wanna talk or hangout.
Don't have my number or lost it? Ask me for it.
Im not one to wear a variety of colors, only on some occasions. I usually wear black/white my excuse for that is that im supporting people who are color blind (Over the years people have read my about me and always asked about this, the reason why i support people who are color blind is because I know how they think. The ones who can only see black and white, live there lives each and every day, figuring out and guessing what color an object is. If i wear black and white, I'm one less apparatus in there day.)
I live off playing with peoples minds (only because I am beyond good at it) which is why at most times i will know what your hiding from.
I believe in life long friendships. Once you've met me, there's no removing me from your life. I'd like to think that I do more then just interact with people, I may, but for a moment, greatly influence people's decisions, I dont do it on purpose, I just care too much about people. Its your choice, as a human being, to accept these influences, for they may save your life. Or at the least, greatly change it for the better.

Think of this ''About Me'' as a warning label, accept it, and then completely forget about it, because it's way to long to remember anyway.

Here is a little ''P.S.'' to say the least, If you haven't read anything so far, please read this its something you all should really stop and think about:

1) for every 1 cigarette you smoke, 14 minutes 42 secounds of your life is gone
2) Every 30 minutes 1 person is killed becuase of drinking and driving, (Do the math thats 48 people a day/17,520 a year SO DONT DO IT)
3) Every 9 seconds a new baby is born/every 27 seconds one dies
4) 2 out of 5 girls get breast cancer somewere along there lives

Wanna find out more about me? Add me.
Have a question about something? Ask me.
Need help with life/love/happiness? Download some sad songs and jam it up.

Im an illegal hairy hunk of brasilian a**. True story bro, google my name.






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