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Brandon Nocturna

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Birthday: 06/08


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Name: Brandon Nocturna

Monster parent~ Uhm.. not a monster


Killer Style~ swimsuits, shorts, sandals the proper beachwear

Pet~ Blade, I don't know what he is yet. But he's short-tempered. He seems to like soft things.

Freaky Flaw~ I'm not a monster? i dunno my flaws yet

BIGGEST pet peeve~ When Melody wont lemme talk to her friends >////<

Fave activity~ surfing, body boarding, anything to do with the beach

Fave food~ Organic pizza, no harsh chemicals in my food

Fave color~ Sea foam green

Fave subject~ Math, how do you think i master all my sweet tricks

Least fave subject~ art, i cant draw

Bff's~ melody and Demona


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Dude, it's just not cool to read someone else's journal.


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merabell3 Report | 06/08/2013 7:32 pm
Your welcome ^^
Casey Fossor Report | 06/08/2013 11:12 am
Casey Fossor
Happy booday, Brandon!
merabell3 Report | 06/08/2013 10:54 am
Happy booday Brandon ^^
Rose Scissors Report | 06/05/2013 5:50 am
Rose Scissors
Oh. And before I forget, have you ever heard of the "Trouble Tribe"?
Rose Scissors Report | 05/22/2013 5:08 am
Rose Scissors
Nice to meet you, Brandon~ So, how long have you been here?
Rose Scissors Report | 05/12/2013 10:57 am
Rose Scissors
Hullo there~ I don't think we haven't met. I'm Rose~ And yours?
Tori Underbridge Report | 05/03/2013 4:11 pm
Tori Underbridge
You should move into my neighborhood (Towns 2) it's in Barton and there's a lot of room to stretch your legs!
Tori Underbridge Report | 05/03/2013 4:09 pm
Tori Underbridge
heart Hi Brandon! How are you?! Do you have a place to live yet?
Tori Underbridge Report | 04/09/2013 5:12 pm
Tori Underbridge
Brandon... Would you like to go to the Magic Ball with... me?
Tori Underbridge Report | 03/01/2013 12:29 pm
Tori Underbridge
heart YES!! But where can we go?! heart
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