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Who iz Braesin!?

"Do I want people to love or fear me? Thats easy...both. I want people to be afraid...of how much they love me." - Steve Carrell

Sup foolz!! XD Braesin here!

First off, don't be confused if your an old friend of mine. I used to be SAIYKO LEINGOD KING. Now I'm Braesin...go figure =P

As you can see, from my multitude of personal advertisement, I am very much black and loving it.

I'm a veteran of gaia, being here since 2005!! Stuff has changed...alot. But some of it is wicked cool so its alright.

I'm totally open to making new friends, but beware I'm 19 and thus a potential ***** on gaia -_-. Anywayz, I like to rp, be random, and make my avatar look almost as cool as i do in real life without spending any cash.

I'm a professional dancer, and have been taking competitive dance classes for 14 years. I'm also enrolling in college this fall, and probably going into some kind of biology.

If its not obvious I love anime and videogames. I also love to chat and just chill so talk to me!! XD

I look forward to being a potential friend with you!!

- Braesin =)



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Lady Amnel Report | 09/06/2013 5:52 am
Lady Amnel
im older than you irl and in gaia ive been in gaia since 2003 when it first started
Gh0st2010 Report | 11/25/2010 12:17 am
And you like the good kind biggrin
Gh0st2010 Report | 11/24/2010 11:58 pm
Good music my friend good music.
Somethingirl Report | 09/10/2010 7:12 pm
Pfftt I see how it is, I'm NOWHERE on your page.
Best friend my arse! xD
I kid, love you O:
Rapturous Rose Report | 08/22/2010 1:51 pm
Rapturous Rose
lol hey what up Saiyko n.n
Rapturous Rose Report | 06/25/2010 6:22 am
Rapturous Rose
It has its ups and downs you know the usual n.n and sure let me see it
Rapturous Rose Report | 06/25/2010 6:00 am
Rapturous Rose
O.o oh? where you been lol oh and nothing much just chillen smile
Rapturous Rose Report | 05/31/2010 12:52 pm
Rapturous Rose
Hey smile its been a while what up
nya chan =P Report | 01/20/2010 5:49 pm
nya chan =P
hihi! !
xXPrincess Warrior Xx Report | 11/02/2009 11:13 am
xXPrincess Warrior Xx
I'm not trying to be a yank, I still talk like someone from Britain and have a British accent therefore i'm not trying to be a yank (:


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