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Dear Reader,

If you have stumbled upon this profile, then I am probably dead. My name is Nutty... and my story is a long one. Some of you may laugh and say this is just a game... but it is not.

It all started on a dairy farm off the coast of Colorado. I was driving my Ford Taurus down I-65, a basket of laundry in my backseat and a tweed coat hanging in front of the window. This old man with a broken down Honda pulled me over for a ride. He lived on a dairy farm not to far from there.

So I gave this old jack a ride, and of course, he asked me to help him milk the cows. I told him I had never milked a cow before, but he told me it was easy and set me loose upon the herd with a bucket and a pair of pliers.

The cow kicked me so hard, I lost my bearings and ran out into the field, at which time, a freak storm swooped in and I was struck by lightning, ten volts of electricity coursing through my body.

So the farmer took me to IHOP to eat pancakes. Just as I was about to take a bite of those savory, syrup drenched patties, the waitress tripped, sending a barrage of knives hurling through the air in my direction. The knives whirred past my head, cutting my hair and giving me a nice trim, for which I thanked the waitress.

However, I was not out of the woods yet. All that juice I drank gave me the runs, so I excused myself and went to the restroom. As I was sitting there, enjoying myself immensely, someone walked in and took the stall next to me. Little did I know, it was a 400 pound church organist, ready to take a mean one.

I heard the flatulence, but it was too late. I tried to get out of the stall, but the door jammed. I finally got it open, but it was too late. I tripped over my pants, which were around my ankles, and landed face first in the toilet, where I drowned and was later proclaimed officially dead from asphyxiation.


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cool avi
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cool avi
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thanks for your purchase
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Thank you so much for buying!! I really appreciate this as it helps me with my questing for my dream avi! heart heart heart
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Thank you for your business! Have a great day!
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I love your story . too bad you can't read this because your dead . R.I.P Bra_nutty.
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Enjoy your purchase emotion_c8


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