Fxkc what yhu heard ; here`s the real

Wasup, the names Deanthony Perez .
Only thinq i have riqht now is aim and qaiaonline ; so anythinq else is not me . eightteen years young and act like im four smile . i made my mom scream on the day of January tenth. my hometown is Mars like ferreal niqqa im out of your world. imma basketball freak yhu know. kinda into football but my life is all about basketball. imma biqass flirt; the reason why im not in lonq relationships; some jealous bitches on earth <|3 .Imma ******** freak. yes a freak not a whore. freaks only do stuff for or to there partners; whores do it for every man they see; get it write or hop off. dominican and black smile i make that qood chicken >=D lmfao dont hate on it. my swaqq out of this world, oh yes, cause i live on Mars wink . some personal shiet ... i like this qurl named Harmony smile she chanqed my ******** life & she dont even relize it maybe imma stop tryinq. So hit up the inbox or comments 8] deuces.!