Hello yes this is Boxo.

I am being told through this earpiece that I enjoy Hats, Food, Pokemon, Super Heroes, and a number of dumb TV shows that would take me years to list.

Here is some stuff to know about Boxo I guess:

1. I like all those things I said before
2. I say and do a lot of dumb stuff
3. I am Asexual
4. I like to draw things
5. I also like to see things that other people have drawn so if you draw things lemme see that stuff yo
6. I'm from that Canada-type place
7. I am a Shark (scientifically proven I assure you)
8. I really /really/ like hats
9. Female pronouns will work just fine yo (if I don't know what the hell I am I don't expect you to know either)
10. Bbbbnvppgff dogs are cool

That's enough words for one day. Peace.

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