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I make my own profiles. O: Want one? 10k, a donation item, or 10k+ in items. <3

Anyway, lets get the basics down. I'm Boe. (Pronounced: B-o-h) but my real name is Kali (Pronounced (kay-lee). I am 16 years old and have been on gaia for almost three years now. I've gone through terrible times and awesome times because of gaia. I met many friends on gaia,( some have gone now, but I still remember them.) had my share of n00bness, had my share of TOS rule breaking xD (thats always fun), and even have fallen in love.

When I first started, I was begging CBer who later turned into a literate RPer and then into a Flaming GDer, and then into a Spamming CBer xD Back where I started only better.

In fact, my spamming CBer stage is the longest stage I've ever been in. And its the one that got me to find my boyfriend, Jesse. (Touch Me Im a Rockstar!) O< back off ladies He is MINE!.

Me and Jesse met May 28th in the MSPG which is now dead gonk unfortunately. We later got to be better friends around June, the month my best friend, Jaime, was pushing a bunch of my guy friends to go out with me xD (this lasted until July). Then on July 30th, I asked Jesse out (using the excuse it was to shut Jaime up). What happened was possibly the cutest thing ever! xD

Me: "Jaime keeps bugging my guy friends to go out with me. And she keeps bugging me to go out with YOU. Want to make her happy and do it?"
Him: "That would make Jesse happy too >//>"

Awww I love him to death xD