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A web of infromation about me!

Would you like to know who I am, would you like to know stuff about me? Perhaps why I am a spyder named Boris? Or how I became a spyder from a human being in the first place? Well I might devulge that information if inreturn you can bring me a piece of your finest, richest choclate cake! That's what spyders named Boris eat!

Well to answer how I got the name and why I became a spyder I will tell you this...I've been told in my life that I look like the russian spy Boris from the Rocky & Bullwinkle Cartoon. So that covers one part. Part two of me turning into a spyder occured wone day when I listened to a song by rock group The Who called Boris the Spyder over and over and over and over and over until eventually I grew 8 legs and the ability to spin a web. I listened to the song so many times that I morhed into a spyder. So that is me, who I am and what I am!


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Altern Report | 06/08/2008 1:29 pm
Thank you ^_^ I won't keep it this way for long.... like always..... but I had felt it was time to change it up a bit
Missxsmilez Report | 02/19/2008 8:53 pm
happy belated 21st bday
Missxsmilez Report | 02/11/2008 6:49 am
jessica84ec1970 Report | 01/21/2008 3:44 am
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Altern Report | 08/13/2007 8:07 pm
ya sorry I have not called you back. My mother decided to tell me today that you called the other day.
Plater Man Report | 08/09/2007 6:02 pm
The tower of power

Too sweet to be sour

Funky like a monkey

Ooooh yeah!
Jester Kai Report | 07/28/2007 2:28 am
creepy crawly creepy crawly ;D
Plater Man Report | 07/26/2007 8:06 pm
Boris, you're obsessed with TNA.

Not that that's a bad thing.
Plater Man Report | 06/25/2007 7:37 pm
Yay! I have a new friend!
Altern Report | 03/30/2007 6:52 am
Your not hearing any less from me then you ever do. School is such a pain I dont have much time for anything to be honist

I do everything for you, now won't you please give everything to me.


Juhsin Thunder Liger Anime Opening

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Spaceballs: When Will Then Be Now Clip

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Monty Python: Matress!

Bleach: Everyone's A Little Bit Racist!

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A clip from Hellsing

Fair Tax Jack the Rabbit!


Creepy, Crawly, Creepy, Crawly, Creepy Creepy, Crawly Crawly! - Boris The Spyder by The Who

How I wish this were me and her in the romance of a sunset...

He doesn't even know how good he has it, but I know that!

He has the moon and the stars!

You have them in the palm of your hand, right by your side, its been this way for what seems like the longest time. Still you can and have dared to disrespect their hopes and dreams. You can bring them to their knees with great heartbreak, make them feel lower then a valley, leaving them colder then a snowflake. It is you who has the ability to listen to everything they want to open up and tell you, but will you? You can write a note from far away, saying all you'll do for them and giving your sorrows for all you have done to them. You have certainly done your wrongs, you have strayed away from the flock and found another's nest. You have acted in a manner they can't even grasp doing themselves. Yet after all you have done and still have the power to do they still forgive, they still want, still yearn for you, for your touch, for your warmth, for your love!

I have one hand out with no one there to grab on. I have that certain someone always a step in front of me. I can and do respect everything about them. I do know and understand their every hope and dream, and support any other one that arises. I know I would always rise them from their knees with a open arms and a shoulder warmer then the sun to lean on. When they open up, my ears are all for them because I so truly care. I can say it in a note and then show you with my heart what I would do. I am not perfect, no saint of life. I would never stray though, never shatter a dream nor break a heart. I will soar with their love in one flock and one flock alone. After all I have done for them, after I have held open my arms, kept my heart big for them and listened to their every word they still forgive, they still want, still yearn for you, for your touch, for your warmth, for your love!

Maybe I'm meant to leave it all behind and move on, maybe, but I can't!