Ehem. -clears throat-
Okay so this is the profile thingy <.__.> I guess I have to write stuff here or my profile would be boring..
Okays cat_sweatdrop so.

Born and lived my whole life in the good old city of Liverpool in the UK :3 I love meeting new friends and hanging out haha, so if you're ever in the area look me up!! ;D

So I'm pretty much your average girl > . > -le cough- I draw.. And doodle.. And do digital art.. I write sometimes.. I have fun creating characters. I'm not at all crazy or a perv...
>. >
<. <

I'm a furry AND PROUD OF IT! I have an FA account (among many many other sites xD) and a fursona, a canine mongrel (schipperke, alaskan malamute cross) named Boou -wags tail- (<-- yes I have an imaginary tail) I'm pretty much my fursona . In my head. ALL the time >. > -wags tail more- cause, cause that's just who I am o-o

One day I'll have a nice fursuit I can roll around in at a furcon.

Anyway enough about being a furry x3 -sits and bees good-

I'm work as a graphic designer for a company called thedailymice. :3 it's fun getting paid to draw things.

Like my facebook page? heart https://www.facebook.com/BoouCreations

O: THINGS I LIKE: hugs, jokes, being silly, having fun, animation, gaming, mmorpgs, animals , doggy piles with friends, manga, reading, writing, doodling,
hanging out with friends -wags tail again- play fights, furrys, anthropomorphic characters, music (I have a massively wide range of taste in music xD), kinky stuff (wont go into detail >. >), parties, MAKING OTHER PEOPLE SMILE.

Hmmm what else.. Oh yeah cool THINGS I DISLIKE:
People who are too serious, idiots, when someone says they don't like something even though they've never tried it x-x; SLOW COMPUTERS,
OTT attention seekers, anyone who is closed minded, homophobes, bullying, people who don't like being wrong and refuse to admit it when they are. Anyone who commits heartless crimes. >x> People who always stick with their FIRST initial judgement of someone before they even get to know the person.

My friend are like my family. cat_3nodding I love them all in different ways. And I have a lot of love to give cat_xd

So I guess that's it for now sweatdrop If you read this far then ⊙_⊙ you crazy. But I like you! xD



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Furious Block

Thank you for buying my item.

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I thank you for your purchases at my shop. Have a pleasant day.

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thx for the buy :3
im really sleepy

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im really sleepy



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Thank you so much for buying. ^o^
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Music Is God

that is such an awesome avi! omg!! emotion_awesome
im really sleepy

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im really sleepy


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Thank you for your business. 3nodding

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Awesome profile and very nice drawings...hope to see more mrgreen

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Thank you for your patronage gaia_gaiagold


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