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Hi, Welcome everyone to my page...

The name is BONNIE_IZ_GREAT. Well it's not really but i just though i would say it was because it would be quite an interesting name...

Thank you for dropping by my page..

Well enough about this i guess i better get down to what is is i like

When it comes to book i an in total love with both the Harry Potter and Twilight series.. Though in maybe a few month i will be adding the House of Night series to this list as i have just read the first book and i thought it was totally amazing

Harry Potter

Fave Character:

Guys: Sirius Black and Draco Malfoy

Girls: Hermione Granger and Ginny Weasley

Fave Pairing

Draco/Hermione I know its not cannon but i don't care), Harry/Ginny because there just meant to be

Pairings i dislike

Harry/Cho due to the fact that she was like crying all over him when they kissed. Hermione/Cormic because all he cares about is himself. Ron/Lavender because Ron needs to be with Hermione and he was only with Lavender to make Hermione jelous and to prove a point


Fave characters

Guys: Jacob Black because you have got to love his wolfyness

Girls: Alice!! She is like so cool. She can she the future i would love to do that

Fave pairing

Jacob/Bella because Edward/Bella is just to perfect. I also love Bella/Renee but in the mother daughter sense

Pairings i dislike

As i said before i dislike Edward/Bella because they are just perfect

Though on the front of films i absolutely love the High School Musical films and they are what i tend to write about other than Harry Potter

High School Musical

Fave characters

Guys: Chad Danforth as i love those shirts with the slogans and that hair of his... Ryan Evans he's just so sweet and love the hat obsession

Girls: That has to be the one and only Kelsi Neilson... Without her trip in the first movie none of what happened would have happened

Fave pairing

Well i have to say my fave pairing and the only one i write in fanfiction is Ryelsi (Ryan/Kelsi) they are just the cutest couple ever and i wish they had more screen time as a couples... Though i do also love Chaylor (Chad/Taylor) and they to should have had more screen time.. In fact i love all the cannon couples except Troyella (Troy/Gabriella)

Pairings i dislike

TROYELLA!! This is due to the fact that all three movies are centered around them i think it is only fair that other couples get the chance to get their own time. Furthermore Troyella is everywhere.. That and i dislike the character Gabriella

Hmm well i would love it if you drop by my page on and read some of my stuff as i love to get reviews but then again who doesn't like to get reviews... Well except horrible ones

Anyway thanks again for dropping by

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hey plp

hey plp i am not realy gonna write a jouney i am just doin it coz i'm bored


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I dare you all to try and sway me to one side
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