Princess Bonnibel Bubblegum of the Candy Kingdom

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Last Login: 08/22/2013 8:27 am

Gender: Female

Location: The Land of Ooo

Birthday: 05/10

Occupation: Princess

Sweet Candy wishes...


Want to know about me?

First of all, how many of you missed me? I'm back, guys! BonnibeI Bubblegum is back! Ugh, I'm getting all emotional now... QuQ

Greetings, my sweet candy citizens! I am Princess Bubblegum! Well, I mean, of course I have nicknames, but people usually treat me like that. I love each and one of you all equally. My wonderful friends are Finn, Jake, Lumpy Space Princess, Lady Rainicorn, Ice King..., Marceline... the list goes on and on for miles! As for Flame Princess? Well, we have a... neutral relationship.

A-And as for Marceline! Honestly, why are you pairing us together? I mean, it's not like we... l-like each other. I mean... she's cool.

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My sweet candy citizens...

I SO VERY----- I
finny cakes
Sassy Lumps
Ex Mettaton
Technicolor Shark
M for Marceline
Fandom Melodies
Jason Todd Outlaw

Prince Gumball. He's so very large. And funny. And my evil cooking twin.

My Amazing AT Friends!

Finny Cakes. Brofist. You're awesome.

Lumpy Space Princess! Dem sassy lumps. We don't talk much, but...

Fionnaie. Or strawberry cat. Don't know what to call you. xD

Flame Princess. This gummy bear introduced me to the "AT Gang". Hugs for you. I miss you.

This profile is under construction. c:

Marshall. He's awesome. And epic. Period.

Marceline. You're the best Marcy I know. And you're so nice!!! >.<

Peppy!! He's awesome! Stay... minty fresh? I don't know. xD

Jason Todd. He's not an AT cosplayer, but an AT fan. c: