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Please enjoy this lame, weeaboo-esque thing that I wrote when I was 11, before I remove it.

Irashaimase! Welcome to my profile! As you see, there will be more images than words. Why, you ask? Because I'm quite lazy. Here's the "About Me" part.
User Image
I hope you can read it clearly. =P

More about weird little me:
My name is, well, I don't feel like telling you. But call me Ruu-chan. I already explained most about myself in the about me image above. So, there won't be much here. Moving on...
I am Filipino. I am __ years old (don't wanna tell). I have 3 dogs. My dad is allergic to cats. >.< Judging upon my avatar and profile, I'm OBSESSED with purple. I also LOVE chocolate. I like ice cream. Although it hurts my sensitive teeth. My favorite flavors are Double Dutch, Cookies and Cream, and Rocky Road. I have a best friend. My real life nakayoshi. Her username is Louiise-Chan. She transferred to another school, which makes me VERY sad.. My best friends always transfer.. But she has ionternet, yahoo, and gaia, so I can still talk to her. One of my closest friends here on Gaia is snow_fairy06. I call her Saki-chan. When I was little, I used to be OBSESSED with the power puff girls. >.< But currently, I don't really like it. And since I got to have my own room when I was little, it's full of power puff girls. The walls are orange, with some of the characters painted on it, the bed, chairs, table, and the T.V. cabinet are also have the characters painted on it.. Oh, the HORROR. I'm gonna ask my mom to change it in the future. Into.. yup. You guessed it. All PURPLE!
Another subject:
The reason why I like purple, because, well, it's mysterious, and sad. Just the way I like it! They say it also means loyalty. There's another reason, but I'm not telling anyone. ;3


See ya!


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Ruuncible Ideas

I'll write about what I see,pets I bought,my REAL events in life,random stuff,and what I think about Gaia.


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BeaN Teh House Elf Report | 05/07/2019 7:27 am
BeaN Teh House Elf
Thanks for the purchase! emotion_kirakira
kdgalaxy Report | 05/06/2019 4:23 pm
Thank you for stopping by my store!
baby coffin Report | 01/29/2015 7:59 am
baby coffin


ALSO THIS IS broke and baroque just in case you're like "woah who is this crazy person" sweatdrop
Sparkle Gems Report | 03/10/2014 6:41 pm
Sparkle Gems
Hey Ruu~
Hope you are doing well.
See you soon~
I hope.. lol
Heishitaiy Report | 02/18/2014 9:44 pm
Hi Ruu!!
And happy late Valentines day! I forgot to say it on Valentines day. :c
I hope you had a great winter break in Florida, and I hope you're alright,
because you didn't come back when you said you were supposed to..
It's been a whole month now. x.x
Where are you? I'm worried and I miss you. crying
Sparkle Gems Report | 01/05/2014 6:14 pm
Sparkle Gems
Hello Ruu-chan!
I hope you had a great holiday!
I had a wonderful one, too.. well besides the weather being all cold and freezing in
St. George's Island, Florida.. I wasn't expecting the weather to be like that.. it was cold!
I watched my siblings fish and my brother caught about five fish and it was his first time!
My sister caught a small stingray, then let it go.. we weren't sure how to eat it, so yea..
Also, we read in the fishing guide that stingrays taste a lot like scallops.
Sparkle Gems Report | 12/02/2013 6:05 pm
Sparkle Gems
Physically.. I'm doing well.. got over a cold. YAY!!! -celebrates-

But I was so shocked to hear that Paul Walker passed away.. I really think it has something to do with the Illuminati people.. because..
well his car was brand new and how can that car crash into the tree, then just suddenly BLOW UP?

And I also read about the sea stars turning into "goo".. I think it has something to do with the radiation from Japan. gonk
Sparkle Gems Report | 12/02/2013 5:56 pm
Sparkle Gems
Hi hi! biggrin
Feevil Report | 12/02/2013 4:51 am
Great username, ha ha! blaugh
Sparkle Gems Report | 12/01/2013 4:19 pm
Sparkle Gems
I only liked the Doctor Who season with David Tennant. sweatdrop


All my love to [b:49b6bf67a8][u:49b6bf67a8]-MisunderstoodFurry-[/u:49b6bf67a8][/b:49b6bf67a8] for:
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ⓡⓤⓝⓒⓘⓑⓛⓔ qυєѕт ;; {♥}
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Thanks! <3

< art by me!


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