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A lil info 4 you

Hey, the name's Misa and I basically like rping, mature roleplays. Meaning rated MA or NC-17 for those of you who aren't getting it. I ONLY RP WITH GUYS or girls who will play the male role.

If they have these "*" next to them then those are ones I like and the more there are the more I like it. if one doesn't have any that that means I want to try it. If you come up with the plot and let me know we can get to it. I will mostly always be the person on the right of the pairings. I'm literate and write in third person. The more you give me to work off of the more I will write.

Vampire X Slave***
Boss X Employee**
Kid Napper X Kidnapped*****
Arranged Marriage(royalty)
more will be added later...

This is the RPC i will most likely be using.
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