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As of late I have been going through some tough times. (I know everyone really is to be honest.) So my times coming online could be completely random. I may drop conversations/take a while to reply. Please understand I am NOT ignoring you, I am just having a difficult time ;_;

There really isn't much to know about me. I'm starting new on gaia. Looking for some people to talk to. I'm a rather reserved person. But I still like to talk to people. My interests include, manga, anime, video games , drawing. Etc. I don't really say much..(but at the same time I can say to much , weird I know.) so I have trouble keeping a conversation but..I hope you will try anyway. I honestly do not judge, as long as nothing is being forced upon me then I am fine. I am not looking to be with anyone in a relationship. I am taken u///u.

Please note everyone is free to live their life the way they wish. If you do not like me, that's ok. Everyone is different and free to have their own opinions and likes.

I love manga and anime and otomate games! Harvest moon is one of my all time faves followed by rune factory!

Please note, I sometimes have to take breaks from chatting, I get nervous. I also do not like to accept friend requests

I am 26 and I am a female

These two anime characters represent me the best.
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Misuzu from Air tv and Shiori from Kanon

Some of my favorite video games include the phoenix wright series, Edgeworth investigations, animal crossing, pokemon, Harvest moon series , rune factory series , monster hunter,Yo-kai watch, cooking mama and tons more.

I also have gotten into games by Kairosoft. So much fun!

I enjoy reading. A favorite author of mine is Lisa Gardner. Another is Cyn Balog I have a bad habit of staying up all hours of the morning reading.


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This is my big brother best friend. He is so awesome and fun to talk to!!! I would never want any other brother but you!!!

Happily taken. Both in real and gaia

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My darling dearest ;u;

Switch FC 1490-0749-9990Pokemon Shield and Animal crossing new horizons player!


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