One day I'll find a pile of toxic waste that can grant me the super powers that I deserve. And when I do, I'll shoot glorious fire out of my ass and then you'll be sorry. Yes, you'll be sorry.

"Foldraevals ol's alur ulu fridj mumbaro pholor. Drill vel'bol ka dos h'ros Vel'bol ka you're stuck ssinssriggin foluss mal'rak? Vel'bol ka dos fridj neitar mumbaro pholor??" - Karn-sama

Hey there, how's it going?


Oh, and thanks for stopping by. Luff Joo.

* So basically.. * Yeah... I'm really lazy, so I'm just gonna do this survey style. <33
Name? Bobitha!
Age? Ancient!
Sex? Female
Birth Date? January 30th
Hair Color? Medium to dark brown
Eye Color? Blue
Height? 5'5"

* Favorites *
Soda? Something fruity, probably pineapple
Food? Pasta
Drinks? Water or tea... though I absolutely love me some Starbucks
Alcoholic drink? None, don't drink
Season? Winter
Day of the week? Tuesday
Book? Too many (:
Subject in school? Umm science or math because it's fun
Place in the USA? Seattle or Muncie
Place outside the USA? Canada or the UK
Color? Purple
Style of clothes? Lolita, it's so cute
Store? The kind with shopping involved?
City? Seattle
Website? Google
Kind of pet? Fish

* Worst *
Place to be? Somewhere isolated
Class in school? English, it was redundant
Time of day? 8:25 in the morning
Season? Summer
Kind of pet? Anything that smells profusely
Drink? Alcoholic
Food? Fish
Store? Walmart.. it's evil
Style of clothes? The kind that obviously doesn't fit
Color? Puke green
Type of music? Any extreme of any music
Website? Myspace

* Daily Life *
When do you get up? Depends on the day and what I have to get done
What is your first thought? It's either "Damnnnnnnn..... it's time to get up" or "I'm hungry...." or "Awww... I'm super cold T-T" Or "GOOOOOOD MORNING!" <-- usually happens on Sunday mornings... ooo I mean afternoons =)
What do you do first? Snuggle my pillow
What is your usual outfit? Jeans and some kind of top
What is your first class of the day? Which day?
When does school end? Which day?
Do you see your friends? Not everyday, but I love seeing them when I can
What do you do when you get home? Put on some comfy pajamas xD And then check my email
What time do you go to bed? Depends on the day

* Do you... *
Brush your teeth daily? Yes
Brush your hair daily? <.< >.> No... though it's not like you can tell anyway
Shower daily? It's a give or take situation, really
Sing? Terribly (:
Dance? Awfully (:
Read books? Yes
Listen to music a lot? All the time
Go online a lot? Yes
Have an iPod? Yes
Want an iPod? Another one? : D
Have a girlfriend/boyfriend? No
Play an instrument? Nope
Get sick a lot? Yes....
Watch TV? Not really
Like MTV? Not really
Like VH1? Not really
Like the History Channel? Yes
Have digital cable? Yes
Have more than 500 channels on your TV? Yes and no
Listen to the radio? Not really
Still use your CD player? Not really
Stalk people? No?
Have more than 200 buddies in your buddy list? No?
Have dial-up internet? No
Have AOL? Nope

* Music *
Do you listen to rap? Not really
R & B? Ehh
Blues and/or Jazz? No
Classical? Yes
Pop? Yes
Country? Sometimes
Emo/Screamo? Not really
Heavy Metal? Not really but sometimes
Christian? No
Techno? Yes
Reggae? No
Broadway Musical Songs? No
Oldies? No

"Foldraevals ol's alur ulu fridj mumbaro pholor. Drill vel'bol ka dos h'ros Vel'bol ka you're stuck ssinssriggin foluss mal'rak? Vel'bol ka dos fridj neitar mumbaro pholor??" - Karn-sama

"Hope is like a hooker with too many STD's. Even if it feels good, you end up with way more sh*t at the end than you started with'
'Love isn't beautiful. If anything, love is a crotchety old lady that's out to whack you in the shins. But, she's still like your grandmother. Sometimes she gives you gifts, like on christmas, oo or bakes you cookies.. but other times she's whacking you.'
"C est le moments dans la vie que vous avez besoin de quelqu'un et ils ne sont pas la , qui montrent combien peu vous s'agir de les"


My toes are better than your fingers.

It's Bob's, that should tell you everything you need to know.



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cool avi

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BOB! Just wanted to say hi!

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Hey Bob...here's a hug for you in case you might need one! lol
Taro Momiji

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Taro Momiji

biggrin Yaaay~!
Taro Momiji

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Taro Momiji

o.o Hello! biggrin

Haven't been on in a couple of years! x3 I suppose I could do that. o.o I'm not very good at trolling though~ D:

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xp Peter of the Pan indeed! lol HUGZ

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Guess who signed into Gaia today! lol Happy St Pat's. Hope all is well in your world. heart
Ra!nbow Sk!ttles.

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Ra!nbow Sk!ttles.

poop heart

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heart Hello Little One....Hope all is well in your world. HUGS

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I'm now Elf_Rage, look me up!


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