I've been on Gaia since '05 but sadly I stopped going on for a few months and well I had to make a new account, thus the wonderful BoBiceGirl06 was created!

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^ C'est moi ^

You may call me what you wish, but my typical Gaia name is Bo.
I am a future Army Wife, and my solider and I made it through our first deployment
I've got a certification as a Nursing Aid, however I realized while I was starting my bachelors degree, that communications is the field I truly want to be in.
I’m a lover of the Supernatural.
I speak English and French.
I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and suffer from Panic Attacks.
I love public speaking.
I dress up for every holiday, my avi included
I don’t really have a favorite food, I just love trying new things. Especially if it's Chinese.
I bring clumsy to a whole new levels
I'm nocturnal.
I adore world travel, and France is my favorite place in the entire world. heart