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Khaki Short Shorts
Deteriorated Apocaripped Tank
Lord Wilhelm
Steamgear Desperado
Nautilus Raiment
Brown Leather SP Work Boots

My real name is Stormy Nicole Headley, and I don't wanna brag or nothing, but I'm kindda...A NINJA! I'm thinking I want to draw some avi. I want to draw some of my friends. heh heh.

*heh heh*

I will listen to any kind of music. If you like screaming, a wicked guitar riff, or intense drum solos, I'll listen to it with ya. I have no problem with it. If you like rap, I'll jam out to Eminem or Jay Z with ya. If you like listening to crazy techno music, I'll be right there raving with ya. If you like 70s, 80s, or 90s, anything that goes back is like my home place. I'll listen to anything except country, because it's...too much my girl left me, whiskey lullabies, bar fights, and other things. But if it's celtic, hell yeah! Bring that crap in! ninja

I love anything from Studio Gibli! I like anything, but I have to be in the mood heart

Television -
The Learning channels: Discovery Channel, History Channel, and Animal Planet are amazing to me. dramallama

I will read anything by Stephen King. Right now I'm reading IT.

I really like fiction, it's what I write and I read the bible. If it's non fiction, I really need to be into the subject, something interesting. emo



My boy friend, Billy! X3

Any Anime character, unless their a bad guy. ugh. They suck.

Stephen King

And my family and friends. stressed

amoung the anime that I watch I am absorbed in D Grey Man:

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Any of Hayao Miyazaki's films. I'm kind of obsessed with Howl's Moving Castle. I want it on DVD so bad! X)

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Spirited Away is my second favorite movie by Miyazaki and following that movie is Laputa's Castle in the Sky and Princess Mononoke. razz

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Naruto is my ultimate anime. When I think anime, I automatically am thrown into an episode of Naruto or something. heh heh. heart But I haven't watched it in a while so I downloaded every Shippuden episode one at a time, because I am that devoted to my anime. razz

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(Spoiler Warning, kind of) I don't have a favorite character though. But Itachi is certainly in my top five. Maybe he is number one. but only because he was one of the most selfless characters ever and loved Sasuke just like Naruto did. smile

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I was introduced to alot of my anime and reverse harems by a friend of mine named Nikki Simms. She was the one to introduce me to anime and Naruto most importantly. The first time I saw anything that had to do with anime was when Nikki was showing someone a video of Gaara singing the Cuppy Cake Song. And that very night an episode of Nauto came on and I was hooked. It was the episode of the Chunin Exam Preliminaries. Lee and Gaara are in my top five as well. smile But this anime that's next is a reverse harem that she got me into called Pretear. It's only got like thirteen episodes, I have them on DVD. It's one of the most amazing anime's I've ever watched in my life. biggrin

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Another reverse harem that I love is La Corda D'Oro. It's got a crap load of classical music in it and I L-O-V-E classical music. My favorite artists are Chopin and Beethoven, two completely different styles, one significant impact on your heart. biggrin

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My last group of Icons are a good one that I got my friend hooked on. Ouran Highschool Host Club. Yeah. It's a reverse harem. And it's freaking hysterical.

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