Hi,i am lorena.Well i guess here is the basic things about me: i love to shop and hang out with friends. My friends mean the most to me! And i hope to learn the piano soon and practice more on my soccer skills! comment or email smile .

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lunar_wolf_goddess11 Report | 08/25/2013 10:55 pm
Are you talking about city of bones? smile
Invader_Hippo Report | 08/09/2011 3:00 pm
ur so lucky u went to olive garden i wanted italian on that day! scream
Invader_Hippo Report | 08/07/2011 11:31 am
I like ur hair 4laugh
x-MissAlyssa-x Report | 07/08/2011 11:13 pm
Thankies for buying~<3 Please come again~!
Butterscotch Faerie Tales Report | 06/05/2011 10:22 am
Butterscotch Faerie Tales
Ah, if I get too angry of cleaning I end up listening to The Casualties (Get Off My Back usually) and crank up the volume.
They get the point that I'm angry and usually my mom figures out to leave me alone.
I'm actually at a friends house, so I'm not in their path of cleaning. xD
Butterscotch Faerie Tales Report | 06/05/2011 10:03 am
Butterscotch Faerie Tales
Yeah, I especially hate it when they both keep yelling at you to do something when you are already doing two things that they asked previously.
In the middle of cleaning my mom actually did the "Get the remote for me even though it's only a foot away from me."
I also have 8 chickens, 3 dogs, and 3 cats to take care of also, no one else does anything for them.
Only the brother who is usually gone helps...
Butterscotch Faerie Tales Report | 06/05/2011 9:40 am
Butterscotch Faerie Tales
So what happens when you leave for a couple days?
When I come back home, literally as I walk through the door, my mom or dad start yelling at me to do something for them.
By the way, I have 4 brothers living in the same house, which 3 are ALWAYS there.
I feel as if they are being sexist or something. xD
s8 jade tripp 8s Report | 05/20/2011 8:34 pm
s8 jade tripp 8s
copy this to ten profiles log of press f4 and log off and get 1,000,000,000
oxnard montalban Report | 05/03/2011 6:17 pm
oxnard montalban
mine lags a lot too, especially when playing zomg, haven't play in a while...
oxnard montalban Report | 05/02/2011 8:54 pm
oxnard montalban
lucky you, i only have 30,000...i guess it will take forever... stressed

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