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Birthday: 01/01


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Punk Grinder Report | 08/16/2013 11:23 pm
Punk Grinder
allie_biitches_love4 Report | 09/25/2012 2:21 pm
hello you should add me biggrin
Punk Grinder Report | 08/27/2012 4:37 am
Punk Grinder
Hi wink ... I miss you... come back to talk to me soon cry ... hopefully you read this heart
Punk Grinder Report | 08/13/2012 10:52 pm
Punk Grinder
HI heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart
hopefully you come back soon to read this sad but yea whee heart
margarita305 Report | 03/14/2012 1:42 pm
hey buddy
Punk Grinder Report | 12/22/2011 10:11 pm
Punk Grinder
razz OMG!! i haven't heard from yu in a long time 3nodding
lol!! i miss you to ^^ heart
Xx_ThinkMeOver_xX Report | 09/14/2011 12:11 pm
Don't start with me Jason.
Xx_ThinkMeOver_xX Report | 09/12/2011 8:07 pm
Punk Grinder Report | 09/12/2011 9:29 am
Punk Grinder
hahahhaah yea yea...watever xp razz heart
Punk Grinder Report | 09/11/2011 12:24 am
Punk Grinder
heheheh ok ok ig ur rite nerd heart xp lol...




i basically put everhting in my interest tags but uh, im Jason.(Sorry to the ppl who read this befor. my bro made my account and used my middle name. Anyone who doesnt belive, well it"s their problem) Wassup. I like painting and drawing and watching tv. and hanging out with friends that's really bout it. im 15 and living my life!!!


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Doesnt she look like a 3 year. Even on the internet.

This is one crazy chick. Dont mess with her, she'll ******** you up.

He is the mellow-ist insane person ive ever met! (:

This is the best girl you'll ever meet. And she'll always be my baby! So dont ******** with her or ill...Or ill cut you ^_^

My bestest buddy EBBBBBEEEER RRR!!!

This is my PUMPKIN!!! ^_^ She is amazingly random and strong and crazy and someone had to be crazy not to want to be her friend. She's so great and you'd be lucky to have some of her greatness rub of on you. :P

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This is my
best friend
and there's
nothing any
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about it, not
even her! ^_^

We make a kickass superhero team!

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