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heart Epic Awesome Donators!! heart

president_duck - 10k [helped buy vest]
jkhalojohn - [sold chainsaw for lower price]
G R I M M E Y - 5k [helped buy vest]
Ghenja - [gave goggles and shuriken]
smilesmile - 10k
Shmooghaheimen - 10k [helped buy Cheepz]
heart x_Lia_Hikari_x heart - 87k [bought me Dutiful Butler's Black Vest and Shirt, Angel Imp Potion, Loving Heart Mood Bubble and donated 20k on the side!!!!!!!]
i am a ladybug - 7.5k [helped buy heart balloon]
9_Sebastian_Michaelis_2 - [bought me Gray SKA shoes, Red Wulf Tail, and Tall Paper Lantern White]
question An anonymous benefactor question - [bought me Black Raggedy Doll Striped Stockings]
eek "The Gifting Bandits" eek - [bought me Jay Blue Kachina Dancer's Wings]
Demon_Warrior Samuel - [bought me Bone Scythe and Ebony Sewell]
Benateli - [bought me You are a Cow and Chapeau Demonique]
ladyWynn - 1k [helped buy Stress Relief Candles]
T y m r y l - [bought me Coal Domini Jacket, Black Tuxedo Pants, and Buttoned Down Fauna Boots]
heart AnnaBella Nishimura heart - 20k [Pot o' Skittles, Skittles Rainbow, Dark Chocolate Biscuit Stick, Black Sizzle Sunglasses, Double Complete Rainbow, Deadly Mood Bubble, Elven Ears, Ritzy Black Pearl Necklace, Black Tie, Nitemare Boots, Scar of Hero, Quail Plushie, Glass Coffee Pot, Shinto Priest's Jacket Black, Moonshine, Mini BBQ Grill, Golden Goose, and Pink Magical Giftbox]
heart The Sexiest Hobo Around heart [she really is!]- 50k
Rainbow Monkey Butt - [2 Gender Bender Potions]
Snapes Muffin - 2k [helped towards Gender Bender Potions x's 2]
Sakis Herzgil - 5k
xX_KiSsEs-Me_Xx - [gave 10 gifts to me]
EllyAngelYukizato - 10k
Scumbag Boyfriend - [Gender Bender Potion]
Nihill - 5k
JuggaloJesterKaya - [sold me a Guardian Totem for 42k]
akiflower13 - 1k
Pesty Elf - [Jingle Bells]


Looking for someone for a 1x1 Doctor Who & Jack slash. Please PM if interested, thanks!
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