About me:
I AM 14!
{TT.TT Just thought you should know that}
I am with Rob.
-Cutie isn't he?-
8th Grade holds me down.
I love the color Blue.
I love to swim.
I love to make sex jokes.
I act pervy but the truth is ... I am super pervy.
I have deep thoughts.
I speak my mind even if it hurts others.
I never lie.
I LOVE when a guy looks emo.
I LOVELOVE french Fries!
I can't handle myself when I see a guy with no shirt on.
My favorite Fruit is Cherry.
My favorite candle smell is pear.
My Secret Platinum stick is Asian Pear.
I love lotion.
I love to tickle people.
I am VERY ticklish.
I sigh when I breathe out at night.
I love to turn guys on and just leave them there thinking about me.
I love being in love.
I hate liars.
I hate fakes.
I hate piss yellow.
I hate goodbyes.
I hate temp. Under 50 Degreez.
I hate homework.
I love water.
I love dogs.
My favorite band/singer is ATB.
I love DDR.
I hate people who are ashamed of watching porn.
I write.
I draw.
I am TERRIFIED to kiss people.
(Even though I still do.)
I am a flirt.
I love it when a guy gets jealous.
I love being in control.
I love being dominated and to dominate.
I love handcuffs.
I love to talk like a baby.
I love to bite.
I love talking to my best friends.
I hate seeing people cry.
I cry all the time.
(at least once a day.)
I still love the Tella-Tubbies
I love people being honest no matter what.
I wanna move to Europe.
I speak a tiny bit of French.
I <3 Spankings.
I love it when guys sing to me.
I love the song SoulMate.
I can't stand being yelled at.
I cry everytime I look at my scars.
I love my niece, Aubri.
I hate it when people use love without meaning.
I love when I meet a new Aries.
I love Astrology!
I am a helpless romantic.
My favorite flower is White Rose.
My favorite Cookie is the animal cookie with frosting and sprinkles.
I always put more sprinkles on my icecream than I have icecream!
I think Marilyn Manson is hawt.
I faked an orgasim once.
I am still a virgin.
I have had phone sex.
(c'mon. I know you have too!)
I love the show: Dirty Jobs.
I love Rockstar.
I love Monster.
I love SoBe.
I love Buzzed.
I love Mountain dew Code: Red
I love Fish.
I love flowers.
I love V-Day.
I get along better with guys than girls.
[Girls are dramatic]
I love my GYM Class.
I have a cute pumkin with a face painted on it.
When I get sad I don't eat till I am happy again.
Dounuts scare me.
I am horribly afraid of Clowns and ICP.
Stephin King is my Hero!
Stay Alive is a good movie to me.
I sleep way too much.
All I want in life if a family.
Emo songs make me happy.
-I am listening to BuckCherry Sorry and I like it-
I have a webcam.
I have a mic.
I have msn.
I have yahoo.
I have aim.
I have pictures.
I also am By-Polar.
I have depression.
I have no clue how to spell it but im Skits-o-Frantic.
(I hear voices)
I used to see demons.
I don't mind Questions about demons.
Know the Jakel?
He loves my room.
I am insane.
But I don't act like it most of the time.
Unless you give me sugar.
My toes wiggle when I have an orgasim.
I love to drink: OrangeJuice/CranberryJuice/WhiteSoda all in one.
I read tampon boxes a lot.
I love comments.
I want friends to have a Sprint cellie!

My Pictures:

A Poem By Me:
Our eyes lock,
But what do you see?
Almost like a sudden shock,
I feel free.

Your lips touch,
But what do you feel?
I try not to care too much,
But I think this is real.

My heart screams,
But do you listen?
Everynight you fill my dreams,
it makes my eyes glisten.

Special Bear Names:
Pooh: Beki{Sister}
Grizzly: Aubri{Niece}
Gummy: Meh{Sexiest gummie Bear}
Sloth: Gen{Buddy at school who stole Katie}
Asian: Zer{Lovely Zero}
Brown: Aaron{Sister's best friend}

Care-Bear Names:
Tender Heart Bear:
Funshine Bear:
Wish Bear:
Cheer Bear:
Friend Bear:
Grumpy Bear:
Secret Bear:
Good Luck Bear:
Luv-a-lot Bear:
Birthday Bear:
Share Bear:
BedTime Bear:
Harmony Bear:
True Heart Bear:
Grams Bear:
Champ Bear:
Day Dream Bear:
Surprise Bear:
TakeCare Bear:
Hugs Cub: Brittany {x_Pez_x}
Tugs Cub:

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Total Value: 219,811 Gold, 12,500 Tickets
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White Holographic Eyepiece
White Cross Belts
Tiny Pixie Wings
Sweatdrop Mood Bubble

Sugarplum Slippers
Subsonic Silver Hoochie Top
Powdered Sugarplum Tutu
Powdered Sugarplum Puff Sleeves
Mythrill Halo
Lex's White Gloves
GO Phones
Elegant Snowy Cravat
Courted Ruff
Bone Dragon Helm


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Charm Alarm

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Charm Alarm

Hi. :]

How are you?
Yoo Rim

Report | 01/18/2008 7:34 pm

Yoo Rim


did she say that to you?


hehe..any ways...

nice page.....me likes it

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Report | 01/17/2008 11:12 am


Yes you did changed your page up! I seen this page on tektek, I was like uh a lot of people might use this one. Not only because it's awesomeness, but they could get the code for it

Report | 01/16/2008 5:01 pm


hi luvs! *hugs*
Vampiress Akara Ayamari

Report | 01/15/2008 4:49 pm

Vampiress Akara Ayamari

random comment

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iloveyousooooooomuch baby!!!

Mwahh!!! <333

come here please :3
lXl Apollo lXl

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lXl Apollo lXl

heylo gummeh


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I wonder why? .....
Sor Chu

Report | 01/14/2008 2:15 pm

Sor Chu

Hehe .. sorrie?

You know you love me?

*Puppy eyes*

Well .. I don't even need to do that lmao!


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