Some stuff about me...

Hi! So, I see you've stumbled upon my little profile here, huh?
Since you're so curious about my whereabouts, I'll let you know a little bit about me.

Well, as you can see, I am BlueFairy, the almighty overseer of this glorious page. I love polar bears, A LOT, and I like the color purple. My age? Well, I won't tell you that. You never ask a woman her age how rude of you to ever think you could do that. Here's a cookie while I continue.
Now where was I, oh yes, my age. You're just gonna have to guess! : ]
At this point in my life, I hate school. But doesn't everyone?
I love roleplaying, (and more recently yaoi ones), and I've been doing 'em for about 3 or 4 years now.
If you hadn't guessed already, I like yaoi. I'm one of those girls who can sit there and talk about yaoi couples for hours without getting bored (though I don't). Total fangirl.
I like reading/writing fanfiction for Homestuck, the amazing webcomic created by the Godly Andrew Hussie. (PepsiCola all the way!)
I love manga and anime, so tell me if you find anything new out there! : )
I aspire to be a computer graphics designer when I get older. It will be so fun!
I play violin, and have been learning for a year and a half, this is my second year.

Hmm.... what else?
I guess I could describe myself.
Well, I'm 5'6", tan, a mixed girl with chestnut hair, and dark brown eyes.
I like to exercise, but just not as often as the athletic buffs out there.

I think of anything else... So just ask me if you're curious! I'm not shy, just don't be a creeper. : D